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Coal Tar Solution

General Notices
Coal Tar 200 g
Polysorbate 80 50 g
Ethanol (96 per cent) suicient to pro!uce "000 #l
$n #a%ing Coal Tar &olution' the Ethanol (96 per cent) #ay be replace! by $n!ustrial (ethylate!
Extemporaneous preparation The ollo*ing !irections apply)
(i+ the Coal Tar' *ar#e! i necessary to ren!er it lui!' *ith the Polysorbate 80' pour this #i+ture in
a thin strea# into 800 #l o Ethanol (96 per cent) in a close! ,essel itte! *ith an agitator- continue
agitation throughout the a!!ition o the #i+ture an! or " hour thereater) .llo* the #i+ture to stan!
or not less than 2/ hours' !ecant an! ilter the supernatant li0ui!' *ash the ,essel an! ilter *ith
Ethanol (96 per cent)' co#bine the iltrate an! *ashings an! a!! suicient Ethanol (96 per cent) to
pro!uce "000 #l)
Ethanol content 80 to 901 ,2,' .ppen!i+ 3$$$ 4 )
Storage Coal Tar &olution shoul! be %ept in a *ell5close! container)
Labelling The label states (") the !ate ater *hich the solution is not inten!e! to be use!- (2) the
con!itions un!er *hich it shoul! be store!)
The la* an! the statutory regulations go,erning the use o $n!ustrial (ethylate! &pirit #ust be