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Rules: the biggest number on the die starts, pick a card and roll the die, has to defne as

clearly as possible the word of the category to his/her partner on the right, has only one
minute, and no signals, mimic or saying the actually words written in the cars are allowed.
If the partner gets it right he or she earns 1 point and the defner earns 2.
1. Countries
2. Obects
1. !apan
2.Cell phone
&. 'et shop
(. )ilk
1. India
2. *alloon
&. Co,ee shop
(. Cake
1. Canada
&. -otel
1. .gypt
1. /ew
2.1%* dri2e
(.-ot 3og
3. 4nimals
4. 5erbs and
5. 'laces
6. +ood or