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Ricky Holt

Haley Stokes
Critical Response 2
Creation Myth
Our world was formed by a giant blast in the universe. It blasted what we now know as
the Earths core into the position it is in now. Over billions of years space debris formed several
different layers and what has come to be Earth as we know it. Once the Earth was formed, aliens
from another solar system discovered it (it was only water and rock) so they planted dinosaurs
and seeds as an experiment to see how they would adapt to this planet. The aliens have spotted
several planets throughout the universe that would be suitable for human survival and picked this
one for us. Once they observed how well the seeds were thriving they transported a few different
species of dinosaurs. The aliens were particularly concerned with our water source so they
focused largely on the dinosaurs in the water. The water was clean enough for dinosaur survival
but the dinosaurs in the water had little to feed on which is when they began to feed on each
other and only the most vicious dinosaurs survived.

As for the land based dinosaurs, they were thriving on the plants and clean water source.
Most of the dinosaurs were able to make shelters out of caves, trees, and other natural resources.
The aliens continued to observe the life patterns of both land and water dinosaurs and after an
unknown amount of years they came up with a new life form (humans) and added a small
amount of human beings to our Earth.

At first, the human beings and dinosaurs seemed like they would live in harmony
together on this Earth. Suddenly the human population started to dwindle. The humans need for
food and shelter from the dinosaurs was virtually impossible. The dinosaurs had been on the
Earth for 165 billion years and were faster, stronger, and bigger than the humans and although
humans were much more intelligent, they had little protection from the hungry dinosaurs and the
dinosaurs continued to feast on the human beings. The aliens had concluded that the human
being species could have survived this planet if it werent for the dinosaurs which is when the
aliens decided to wipe out the dinosaurs and restart. The aliens launched meteor-like bombs in
strategic locations in order to effectively rid the Earth of the dinosaur population. While the
bombs killed a majority of the dinosaurs, the rest eventually died from starvation, dehydration
and disease. The extinction process and new beginning took approximately 60 million years
before the aliens felt our Earth was once again ready for human life. During the 60 million years
they experimented with seeds, animals, reptiles, insects, birds, and fish to make sure all of these
living things could successfully coexist.

The aliens created all living things that were brought to Earth. They created human
beings with certain characteristics specifically suitable for survival on Earth. They knew the
humans needed to be able to survive on the water source that the dinosaurs used and they knew
the humans would need to breathe oxygen in order to avoid another extinction. The aliens
brought equal amounts of men and women. They brought 50 men and 50 women all between the
ages of 15-20. The men and women were paired together and scattered all around the Earth.
None of the couples had any of the same features or characteristics. Because the aliens had
studied our Earth for so many years, they knew strategically what types (races) would thrive in
the different areas of the Earth. The aliens looked at climate, vegetation, food source (animals)
and altitude before carefully placing the humans where they had the highest likelihood of

The humans and aliens had no communication after the humans were dropped off on this
Earth knowing nothing about survival, or where they were. Before the humans came to Earth
they were kept in incubator like systems because the humans couldnt breathe otherwise.
Humans only knew how to eat, sleep, and breathe. Once they were dropped off (scattered around
the Earth) each couple of humans learned how to hunt, gather, communicate, create shelter and
breed. The aliens did tell them that they had key resources on the planet but that the humans
would need to breed in able to sustain their portion of the Earth. The aliens also told the humans
that they needed to protect their human companion because they would not survive without each
The human beings knew hunger, and they knew in order to survive starvation they
needed to eat animals. Because there was so much uncertainty of the next meal they used every
bit of what they hunted for food or warmth. If they were unable to hunt an animal they relied on
plants for food. They realized water was necessary in order to stay alive so the humans knew to
stay close to water source. The humans in the colder areas quickly discovered fire and shelter
and were more dependent on the animal skins in order to survive the temperatures.

Because human survival became a team effort the humans began to have feelings and
appreciation of each other. When the humans began to die, the surviving humans began to tell
each other that couldnt be the end. They began to miss the companionship and knowledge of the
ones that had passed on. After generation and generation of dying humans, the surviving humans
began to tell stories that once everyone goes, they will end up in the same place. These stories
varied from around the world where the original couples had started out. Each time someone
died the stories were repeated to comfort the humans that were mourning the loss of the human.

We are still under experiment of the aliens and have not been here long enough for their
return. The aliens do not want to interrupt the process of the human experiment. They find it
fascinating that we have created greed and corruption through a monetary system. They also
have discovered how each of the original 25 couples have now branched to such different
qualities of life in the different areas on Earth. They are also studying at how fast we are
reproducing and are concerned about our Earth sustaining the large population. The aliens are
hoping that we will not kill each other off completely but that we will use every resource
available to build a better Earth so that we are able to advance to the level of intelligence that
they have.