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Arrowsmith Homework Grid Term 3 Weeks 4/5

Reading Log
At least 15 minutes x 6 entries

Your evidence is your
completed reading log
challenge showing date and
title of book.

(Fill in the boxes. You have a new
reading log for Term 3.)

Basic Facts

At least 6 entries over the 2 weeks
Use the BF grid for ideas on how
to practice. Concentrate on 2-3
steps only. Evidence is in your HW
book or signed by an adult.
Remember times tables learning
2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9s and facts

Im working on Stage: _____
Step/s: ______________

Wri ti ng
Re-write these sentences correctly.
Think about correct use of speech
marks and punctuation.
- what time is it asked Kevin
- I want chicken for dinner said
- i would like an ice cream please
said sarah.
- That costs $12.99 said the shop-
- it is time to go to assembly said
the teacher. please be quiet.
- Hooray shouted the children

Log into your Sumdog account
and take part in the Arrowsmith
Homework Challenge.

with someone from home
something you have
enjoyed at school during
this homework grid.

Readi ng
AVAILLL read/watch a movie

While you are read/watching, identify
5 interesting words in the subtitles.
Find the dictionary definition/copy
it into your homework book.
Use the word in your own
sentence to show you understand

Maths Week
Shape Knowledge the next HTJ
challenge during week 4

Practice knowing the
names of the 2D and
3D shapes on the
blog. If you want a
paper copy ask Miss

Maths Week
Maths Problem Solving
Kate was playing with her name and
with numbers. She let all her
consonants equal 10 and all her
vowels equal 5. So the value of
Kates name was:10 + 5 + 10 + 5 = 30.
What is the value of your full name?
How much does Tinwald School,
Arrowsmith and Mr Livingstone score?
Can you find a first name with a value
of 45 and 110?
Mat hs Week
Family challenge can you
solve the problems?

Take photos of the
answers or draw them in
your book. Remember to
be ready to demonstrate
how you did it.

Notes about homework:
You have 2 weeks to complete the grid. Each term, there will usually be 4 grids over the first 8 weeks.
Homework will be shared/marked in class and Hands on Learning credits for your auction fund can be earned.
The grey boxes are compulsory if you want to earn auction credits.
To earn 3 HW credits you must do the 3 grey boxes plus one more activity (Think B.E.S.T)
You can complete homework in your homework book, blog page or using other digital tools e.g. PowerPoint
A parent/adult at home needs to sign off your homework using the grid below.
The top 2 rows are the same across the Arrowsmith classes (except the writing box)

Homework attitude
! " #
Signed by adult:

HW was a battle
Some was completed
HW managed and
completed willingly
Due: Friday 22

Maths Week Family Challenge

1. Take away 4 rods to leave one square

2. Take away 2 rods to leave 3 squares

3. Take away 4 rods to leave 2 squares

4. Move 3 rods to make 3 squares

5. Take away 2 rods to leave 2 squares
This is the set-up shape. You need 12 rods.
You could use match-sticks or pens. Each
time you need to return to this shape.