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Being Sexual
An appreciation of the essential goodness of human
sexuality as a gift from God and the central role of
chaste behaviour in responsible living makes it possible
for each person to grow in a life of love. This is Gods
desire for every human being.

Standard 6
The Catholic Tradition
Supporting this outcome
For teacher background and reflection
All people are made for love. Deep within each human person is the desire to love and be loved. Human
sexuality grounds this desire for union and enables its fulfilment. The call to our full personhood physically,
psychologically, socially and spiritually requires that we have a positive and hopeful Christian vision of what it
means to be human. Our sexuality affects all aspects of our lives. It affects our relationships with others and in
particular our capacity to love and to procreate. It calls for discernment and wisdom -- and consideration of the
virtue of chastity.

Friendship and affection can be expressed in many ways this calls for the virtue of chastity. Sexual intimacy is
not the only way to relate, to explore and deepen in relationship with another. Chastity enables people to
integrate the gift of sexuality with other aspects of their identity moral, physical, intellectual, social and
spiritual. It requires a degree of self control which can be challenging, even difficult, especially for adolescents
who are developing their sense of identity in a culture that promotes individualism and sexual freedom. The
extent to which adolescent ideas about sexuality are shaped by the culture, particularly the media, depends on
a number of factors: how much they are exposed to the media, how critically they respond to the images
presented there, and the strength of alternative influences.

Some forms of the media convey accurate and detailed information about some aspects of sex and sexuality.
However a number of common myths and misconceptions about the meaning of sexuality are also
communicated. These include: everyone is doing it, sex is fun, life without sex is no life at all, if things go
wrong they can be fixed and it wont happen to me.

Schools are challenged to present alternatives to the messages conveyed in popular culture about what it
means to be a sexual being. An appreciation of the essential goodness of human sexuality as a gift from God
and the central role of chaste behaviour in responsible living makes it possible for each person to grow in a life
of love. This is Gods desire for every human being.

Exodus 20:1-20 The Ten Commandments
Ephesians 4:17-24 The Old Life and the New
Catechism of the Catholic Church, nn. 2338, 2339, 2342, 2344, 2354
Theology of the Body, 1/16/80, 11/14/84
Redemptor Hominis, n. 10

Content, Skills, Attitudes and Dispositions
Students have opportunities to explore and/or develop:
An understanding of the ways in which human
desire is an expression of Gods desire for
humanity to live in love.
An understanding of sexual growth in the context
of human growth: as a lifelong movement towards
wholeness and relationship.
An appreciation of the essential goodness of
human sexuality as a gift from God.

The value and challenge of chastity.

Skills to critique media portrayals of human sexuality
and sexual expression.
The nature of intimacy, commitment and marriage in a
Catholic context.
A maturing awareness of the emotional, psychological
and spiritual dimensions of sexual intercourse/ sexual
An understanding of STIs: their causes and effects.

Key Idea
Students explore the belief that sexuality is integral
to the human person and explain the teachings of
the Catholic Church regarding human sexuality.
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Outcome 6.2 (Yrs. 11 - 12)

Learning Outcome 6.2
Understands the potential of sexuality to
enrich the human person and explores
his/her personal response to the gift of
human sexuality.

Student Context
During the senior years of schooling
students are exploring life as young men
and women, on the verge of entering the
adult world. They are building self images
as sexual and social beings. Though
bombarded with media messages about the
physical gratification of casual sex, recent
Australia data indicates that approximately
50% of Year 12 students have not yet
engaged in sexual intercourse. This might
indicate that many students are developing
well defined values about the sacredness of
sexuality and their own sexual integrity.

Essential Learning
T Critique societys portrayal of the
purpose of sexuality.
C - An appreciation of storytelling can
enrich personal development of values.
F - Hope that human growth is towards
In Analyse the nature of intimacy and
Id - Explain how identities reflect Gods
desire for humanity to live in love.

Family Activities
Parents are the primary educators of their
children. Throughout this resource,
activities which include the family have
been flagged in order to highlight the
partnership between school and families.

Examples of Evidence
Research the various forms of human intimacy,
i.e. intellectual, physical, personal, collegial or
emotional and explain the importance of
intimacy to human growth and flourishing.

View and critique recent commercials promoting
safer sex practices. What are they
communicating? What are they excluding?
Prepare a short info-mercial on the topic of
sexually transmitted infections (STIs) their
causes, effects and means of prevention.
Debate the proposition: Chastity is a realistic
life-choice and value for young people.

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