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WE’LL BRING THE WORLD HIS TRUTH Music and Lyrics by Janice Kapp Perry CONTENTS’ \/ We'll Bring the World His Truth 2 A Young Boy Prayed... 4 Brotherhood" a .u He Will Make Mighty His Sons ...... 14 In the Hollow of Thy Hand"? = 1 A Missionary’s Prayer . * To Know Joseph"™”........ 1 24 How Can I Thank Thee™*™* Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant ... + Lyrics by Ruth S. Kopp Lyrics by Monta. Robison Uyrics by Val C. Wileon Ujries by Joy S. Lundberg A Young Boy Prayed Words and Music by IANICE RAPD OEY = Reverently (MM 4=76) — Gyp eal Am/¥ m6 B Piano c Em/C F/c 1. As a. child 1 learned at my mo ~ ther's knee what prayer of faith to a love to hear of the 8a - ered placowhere he talked with. Je - sus and go through life, with Hts good and 1 will try to think of the G7/B child canbe, AS she told oh bey with a troub = led mind whose saw His face. When I'm , all 4 - lone and 1 knecl in th be had. «1 can pray to the ~Fa ~ ther to com fort fa 4 Dm Dm/F G7 © ° CHORUS alittle faster prayer was an - swered for all. ~— man - kind. close my eyes. and pre ~ tend fm there. A young boy Jo - seph did in that_ grove of, trees. sight © 1978 by Janice Kapp 4 Ievornational Copyright secured, Maden U.S-A. All Rights Reserved ro ET Y —t- ———— — > = = a 3 —— This sim - plo truth helps mesma SSS SSS = t f a + z =| ee = Soe kl Dm? or Words by RUTH S. Kang 4 Brotherhood Eb Music by JANICE KAPP PERRY = ar From the ing fo the feast of these, you homit of old Je = ru so tem — 1k eel’, oes throuth the sere be = di = ence brings hap pi-mess,. in’ Tieavtn it was - ia — ————— = — = a 7 2? i v7 v oe F Eb 6 —— 3 7. — = —s = and serve your fel = low men," tis mes sage ringeing cle Don't dit un= tom For te Copyright © 1979 by Janice Kapp Perry International Copyxight Secured, Made in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved, that to see Reach be too bind truth. po = el caught the Eb = : Ss Vike you and will come to ser ~ vants —_. dl God can work Mis mir a-cles— through ‘and. heavy ~ en out a hand to some-one else — thy neigh-bor Fm/Db Db/Bb Db/Eb cm/Ab — part of you and lend 2 help- ing hand. Give the world Fin bh Fm “1h — wate your joy ex = mand, Ee == == 3 \yPouF 3 of ¥ re $ . : —— Re =: == — as we = ae: 2 a Je 4 cr Fm/Db ie ar" i rs = + Y cs. oO a eo ek be S Ss = Yr °F TF __ Loe be I $ =p aS J . 4 c Cadasly "Cast your bread u - pon the 2 Bbadd 9 and peace of mind with ————— warters,"it vomes back to you a = — gain serve yon Fm/Db 2 Fm Dbmaj?7/Bb Dbmaj7/Eb i ee?’ z és 7 So ca God will work His mir-a- cles through you and 9 4 4 5 ; Efesbob == t E == j y F 3 t i : f a 2s z IE 5 = zz x in b " Ab a ap eee : 4 _— _ a — = SS SS ; 7 * * _ — 1 pe — > ———— = 3 ¥— = How Does a Servant Show His Love Words and Music by JANICE KAPP PERRY pb Dmyyb =< — F = 2. How docs 2 sor = vant show his love for the 2'tove one a moh = ere" wore the words othe ot és - i f 5 z = j Noe : ~ : 3 cnyeb om * He — si = Sav ~ or? Wrat can he of = for but a faith 20 Le Sav ~ ler. Tow Ste Jove” ant seve our fel” = ie a a Pas SS = deop? What would the Sav - ior ask of man? Shar = ing the truth that = was re = i as , F F ne Consright © 1980 by Janice Kapp Peery Intemational Copyright Secured. Made in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved, n i 7 Cm" rey His vol . tus -dis - ef = ples? le would on = by a pro - phot Teach ~ —— =< — 7 7 7 br Dm! omy F 3 ee = = = = aa Zs treat them "feed my. slor - lous Gos - pel 7 = = _ He as e 2 + zs * * ~ o | d= b, es. — = f = os = -— y cmyb pm cn’? cm? Ft you've taught men His. ho- ly lee, or by Ws ser - vant" n c Dinypb secs a = want love f _ = f= SS om Eb pm? cmb Ft glor - ious He Will Make Mighty His Sons JANICE KAPI ie hy PERRY c Em/c cr F, C/E 1, OF -ten the Lord, when a work must be done, will we~ com =plish His par-pos-os Thru 2, Now, as be-fore,there'sa work t@ be done, and tieLord's chos~en mes-sen~gers are —_——i te F/D cr Am C/G, F F/D —= those who are young. Armed with faith and with truth, and the strength of their youth, they work those who are young. Ev - ‘ry wor-thy onecalled, by a pro ~ phet of God to de- — =s C/G Dm/G E ET Am a - cles, reach pin-na- cles and great things are wrought for they're clare the word, and serve the Lord, and great things are wrought for they're ae : . j " ate eh haere SG rine-wien espe —i of 1 go> sephat tour-weon cout hited with thespie sit of Tt e> Ia'smariswarcriors ‘wore Ehaug cm/Eb Ebsus 17 calldown a vi -sion with sim-ple, tn wav-er ~ strong in theirboy years be - cause they wereright-cous- ly * Ab Abaug Fm/A> + = Dav- id in his youtheould” stand with Go-li ath, made strong by thepow'rof God's Mor-mon,ayoung boy com - mand~-ed an ar -mythat marched in the pow- or of AbT bb c ot Fm 5 ham Fo know Me willal = se bless me —___ me. a saw their de-si - res and sentItcay-en'sfire_ 19 cleanse themandlight__ their gavethem His grace and showed them His face, will He 7 — a Fim/a Asus__AT D ct -— CSTs day. If’ He could make might-y all 16 hon G Fem Dm/F know He will also bless me. ‘Though a- ALE Fim/D Ftm/vt A ct am weak, His blessing I'll scck, then what - ev - er my mis-sion may dear Fa - ther, send > 7 In the Hollow of Thy Hand Words by Music by MONITA TURLEY ROBISON JANICE: KAPE PERRY, Reverently 4.63 Plea thy spin = it fren: Please keep thy int al ways in As this thy son ac-copts a call from thes Help him we As he pre- pares toteach his fel~low men, (Oh keep him. SE pray, to learn hu-mil- | - ty, i = eet safe and bring him home a - gain. — Pro - tect == Copynght & 1977 be Janice Kapp Peary 18 International Copyright Secured. Maden S.A, All Rights Reserve. And keep him “6 ‘And ol-ways send thy = ver watk - ing In spire him ways, Give him the prays. in thy when he 4 he spreads the gos - pel cour = age of a right-eous Lord hold him dust hold him and. hand. im the hit -fow of thy in the hol -low of thy Nelp his hol-low of thy hand, as he Gm/F = i Am/C tun ~ der~stand ~ ing deep ~ en low of thy hand 14= = a Jagaqagaael Gm? SS Ss know the spe- cial bless-Iing of thy, Gm? C7 F — A Missionary’s Prayer Word and Musi JANICE KAPP PERRY: * Caso Dm/c 1. Fa ~ ther, 1 hear thy 2. Fa = ther, 1 elear~ ly cmaj7 Dm/c cI Dm/c Bbadds Gm call, {turn iny thoughts to theéy for - sak- ing Rto-call| sec thatev= ‘ry last = Ing joy has comefrom th. Help me F/A Bb Cc Dm Dm/Bb F/A Bb/G In thine and go to prom-is - es we all must keep, 1 "put my band Fe~celve_from serve thee well___and thus re - jay, ‘Thy lov ing kind- ness 1 Eb Eb/o cs Gt cagao banks Lead me to those who Know - ing —— that thou art feed thy sheep. day to day, Copyright © 1979 by Janice Kapp Peers Copyright Secured. Made in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved, a Internation cmaj? bm7/G and strengih te bakd=Iy peak. in hw J may’ geck Dy hele Chroust ini fy prayer, FAt walk ial F/A Boh. Dm Dm/Bb —— that men may'come to know and love thy dig nl-ty 1 will pro claim, con =M- doneo Wat 1 sce thy pir = touch the tives of tg a a Se f =: i = S58 pa i—T oF _® ee =e = ho'- ly name, thore be “Anh - as Lord to men through me, uo * cm/Ab Em Em/eb SSS gz help me grow, if thou wilt guide me 2 wR) conquer, this 1 kaowt pe a po pt othe hogs wh the La com = mane, tor 9. ra ===: == mM “ know to Mis chit ~ dren, Dm cd C/E [fk c/e G7 cept He pre-pare ex cept he pre-pire Cc Dm/C GT We CFC copt He pro-pare To Know Joseph Words ty Music by VAL CAMMNISIT WILCOX JANICE RAPP PERRY tendaty, (J 72) F/ G ow c/s c/a c/B mp C 1, Jo-seph, as a boy, be - gan his. search 2. Jo - soph, then o-heyod—— i ~ vine com ~ mand: c/Bb TEA know ~ ing thore could “but one true church. He —re~ stored the for's church as planned. ——— Fm/Ab “Ask of’ God," In BI - ble vorse he ret Tu- tored line on line by De - i- ty, Copyright © 1982 by Janice Kapp Perry Fay International Copyright Secured, Made in U.S.A. _AllRights Reserve. mie c with UR= wav. ring: faith", the serip= ture said aught sal = va = in) imo pl el uy. Ls cS — = = a e 7 | fe 5 fe => c maj? 10 Lost aad cz saw two se - clwd- ed grove — hun ~ gry sheep— 30. = seph,"" God Per ~ se - cut ~ glo rious per ~ Help - less, wan - d'ring flocks— Fa ~ ther caited tis firm - ly yet he he knelt this young Son ~ this ges young man Fmaj7 prayer fed, there: led. stood, Fim G 2 SSS ee Now his life would nev-ér" be the same. Sealed his tes - ti» mon-y with life's blood, \ sel = re =: =. a =z hee St = = Dm7 cmaj7 Gm/c F fo a pro-phet of the Lord,— C/G F/G c a Jo-seph, — Jo- seph_— c F/G ic lez/e We.G7/C it. r 7 nS od To know Jo-seph 26 Words JOYBAUNDERS LUNDBERG How Can I Thank Thee peta (d= 601 Music by JANICE KAP? PERRY aa a ——— 4 == SS My hart ie fal) toonigh Oh Fa = thor = ———=—— 4S: orc Pee —— 7 7 = aS SSS 3 doar, My heart le fll tovnigh, 1 feel Thoe near. on oo = = pase Gale Be mis-sion first be-ga0. Thou hast walked with me, 39 seasons of des~ pair: ‘Thou hast Copyright 1989 by Janice Kapp Perry International Copyright Secured. Made U.S.A. {All Rights Reserved 7 Gmy Ct Em Am addy Bea/t Em Am ‘Thou hast o-penedup the way T could not Am/P Am/Ft ci Die pi/Ft blest thelives of thoseT'yecometo love. Thou hast_how-ered mewithbles-sings from 2 led me ox ta Joy be-yond my vis = fon, As 1 night, Gh Fam ther —— is full tomnight 1 fecl Thee near. BmV/E_ C/E Boyt/E c/e Amir cG a how can 1 thank Theefor all Thou hastdone? serve Theefor-ey - or, for Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant ; Words and Musie by s JANICE KAPP PERRY ee z = 1. You were . Bb Eb/Bb Fr eet ge = —* ee SS a = — = — Bbadd9 Bb ‘Eb/Bb F/A SSS 5 Tes ee Te be —s = Te ae z = 1” ceailed to serve S wae oe te of the LR Ana sone to _helb your , bro - hor oa SAR Geel RT aA Hert UNF ARS ARM O80 EE DENI She tS Bbadd9 Bb Eb/Bb F/A Bose Mar “Sat= Sian Wit'= beds’ that he” Gos - pei“was ’“re'- Stored, You were av los'sotyu, Gers eihcz ps nse sysvese Joo, By, TH each ip, the Eo OS TORE rae TEE Me IE BMS Hott Gm “Bb/F Gm/Eb pm SGitea tat Geach your a a gerv-ing God. Min-9O% VES Copsrtight ©1980 by Janice Kapp Peery 30 {oternaional Copyngit Secured. Madein U'S:A. All Rights served, Ebeaj7 F/D cm Fsus oF Wiles a Bb Eb/Bb R/A Bb Nea Sr Bags fi NSS, 1 BSR B ee AE Se Hn “Sey, PS bas just_ be - S35 etre {— 2¢s - Welt dog 31 = = fino fact eel # = aan =. crs * 7 Bb/Ab Eb/G cmfAb cm/A PuYD hh a Roe We Mold is white: Yori Fee shaved the Gos= pel Vix, Oued You have Eb/Bb BbT Ep 4 Ab Fea, Man Jor te arid the Sav-tor's gent Bb? Eb Ko Pe WEP dons 32