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K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik – 3.

Subject: Programming in ‘C’ Sub Code: 9017

Class: FYIF (IF/2/C)
Academic Year: 2008 – 2009

Practical No. 7
Understand single dimensional array:

1. Enter ages of ten different men from user and find out who is the eldest in all?
2. Accept 10 different values from keyboard; determine their average and find out is
there any number in the array whose value equals to average.
3. Write a program to copy contents of one array into another array. Accept size of both
arrays as 7.
4. Input 10 different numbers from user. Count and display total even numbers from it.
5. Accept values of two different arrays (size 5) from user and determine how many
numbers they are having common.
6. Write a program to accept 15 different float number from user and display those
numbers which are positioned on odd index positions in reverse order. For example,
you have to print the numbers on array[13], array[11], array[9], array[7]………so on.

Kute T. B.
(Subject Teacher)

CPR – Practical No. 7