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Programa Intel Educar

Curso Esencial
Autor de la unidad
Nombre y apellido Zaida E. Molina
Nombre de la institucin educativa Centro Educativo Jos de los R. Vsque
!bicacin de la institucin educativa El Caimito" #enonom
$tros datos de la institucin
Cole%io de #re&media y Media con 'ac(iller )%ropecuario. Esta
institucin cuenta con una matr*cula de +,- estudiantes" .,
docentes y ,/ administrativos.
Descripcin de la unidad
Ttulo de la unidad
Eating Healthy is Important for you
Resumen de la unidad

Many Panamanian adolescents have not practicing appropriate eating habits. Such situation should probably
affect their physical and mental capacity. This Project is aimed to students of seventh grade with the purpose
of encourage them to change some probable bad eating habits by good nutritional habits.
The students will develop different activities such as researching! discussions! reading! drawing of
concept maps and others which will be developed using the tics in the classroom.
Espacio/s curricular/es o asignatura/s
En%lis( coorelated 0it( Natural science.
Ao y nivel
Seventh grade, Junior High School
Tiempo necesario aproximado
8 sessions of 40 minutes esch by 3 weeks.
undamentos de la unidad
1 2334 Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. #%ina , de 7
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
"#$"EPT%&' P(#"E)IME$T&' &"TIT%)I$&'
Modals Should+shouldn,t
"onnectors - and! but./
1ood grains! vegetables! fruits
$utritional concepts
Healthy food! jun2 food! fat food etc.
"lassyfing healthy food and jun2
food using connectors in a written
%sing the modal should+ shouldn3t
in sentences with nutritional
habits after watching a video.
"omparing healthy and unhealthy
food using connectors
0aluing practicing healthy
nutritional habits.
!"#etivos del aprendi$a#e
Identifies and summari4e nutritional habits using a wide range of print and non print te5t.
5ndicadores de 8o%ro
"reates a collage about healthy and jun2 food.
6rites sentences using modals should+ shouldn3t about nutrititional habits.
Elaborates healthy recipe applying grammar learned.
"ompletes practices about causes and effects of unhealthy nutritional habits using going to -written and oral/.
6rites dialogue integrating the concepts and language s2ills contents at the grocery store.
Preguntas orientadoras del plan de unidad
Pregunta esencial

6hy do human beings need to feed oneself7
Preguntas de unidad 6hy is a nutritious diet important for adolescents7
1 2334 Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. #%ina 2 de 7
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
Preguntas de contenido
How are foods classified according to their nutrients7
6hat is a balanced diet7
How is the food pyramid divided7
6hat are the most popular jun2 food in Panama7
&re jun2 food good for you7

1 2334 Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. #%ina . de 7
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
Plan de evaluacin
Cronograma de evaluaciones
Antes de empezar el trabajo
del proyecto
Durante el desarrollo del
Una vez completado el
E5ploratory 8uestions! To
evaluate students3 eating
Estimate Scale to assess a
concept map.
Estimate Scale to assess a
"lassification of words.
Estimate Scale to assess
(eading of paragraphs and
(ubric To assess the
learning and attitudes of
the students.
%esumen de evaluaciones
9tudents: product and per;ormance 0ill be assessed as t(e ;ollo0in%<
=ra0in% a concept Map to summarie a te>t usin% Cmap tool. 5nstrument< Estimate scale.
Classi;ication o; 0ords. ?ritten in ?ord @ormat and ;ollo0in% speci;ic directions. 5nstrument< Estimate
Readin% o; para%rap(s and sentences usin% 9on%smit(. 5nstrument< Estimate 9cale
$ral presentation o; a colla%e. 5nstrument< Rubric

Detalles de la unidad
&a"ilidades previas
Students should 2now vocabulary about foods in English. They should also 2now how to write te5ts in 6ord!
and to ma2e presentations in power point.
$penin% 9ta%e )ctivity<
)ns0ers t(ese e>ploratory questions orally.
?(at are your ;avorite ;oods or drinAsB
=o you eat ve%etables and ;ruits ;requentlyB
Co0 ;requent do you %o to ;ast ;ood placesB
1 2334 Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. #%ina + de 7
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
=evelopment 9ta%e activities<
Co0 are t(e ;oods classi;ied accordin% to t(eir nutrientsB
'( ?atc(es a video (ttps<DD000.youtube.comD0atc(BvEs8A)>3C,uZ) (ttps<DD000.youtube.comD0atc(B
vEbCJFsC;+G7E and researc)es about t(is topic by internet. 6(en analyes" summaries t(e in;ormation and
dra0s a concept map usin% a model ;rom Cmap Tools.
*( ?atc(es ima%es o; ;oods t(rou%( monta%e. =iscusses in %roups and "uilds a list of foods classifying them
in healthy and unhealthy or jun2 foods. 6rite it in Word format! source0erdana si4e 9:.
?(at is a balanced dietB
Co0 are t(e ;ood %roups dividedB
+( (eads printed in;ormation about t(e topic. 6(en usin% Songsmith, reads in groups the te5t and says
sentences with should + shouldn3t to advice his+ her classmates. .
)re HunA ;oods %ood ;or youB

-( $bserves a video about t(e topic. 6(en %ets into teams o; ;our and maAe a collage based on t(e in;ormation
learned . E>plains t(e collage orally(
Adaptaciones curriculares
Estudiante con
necesidades especiales
In this group there is a student who was diagnosticated by e5perts. The student
participates in groupwor2 but he ma2es the simplest tas2s! as for e5ample loo2
up words in a dictionary! illustrates words related with the topic! and copies
short te5ts.
He will be assessed objectively ta2ing in consideration his responsibility and his
.o )ispano/parlantes
There is not student with this condition.
1 2334 Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. #%ina / de 7
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
Estudiante talentoso
6(ere is no student 0it( t(is condition.
0ateriales y recursos necesarios para la unidad
Tecnologa 1 &ard2are Iequipo necesarioJ
Cmara di%ital
Reproductor de =V=
Cone>in a 5nternet
=isco lser
9istema de proyeccin
Cmara de v*deo
Equipo de v*deo con;erencia
Tecnologa 1 3o4t2are InecesarioJ
'ase de datosDCoHa de clculo
=ia%ramador de publicaciones
#ro%rama de correo
Enciclopedia en C=&R$M
Editor de im%enes
'uscador ?eb
=esarrollo de p%inas 0eb
#rocesador de te>to
0ateriales impresos
)*+,-&. .rograma de !ngl/s 0ara S/0timo grado
Susan Stem0leski, 1ancy +ouglas, James %. )organ2 3orld "ink 4.
%ecursos de Internet
Canal #rint. Comida basura vs comida sana Iin%lsJ.0mv
(ttps<DD000.youtube.comD0atc(BvEs8A)>3C,uZ). 23,2
)ME9 4.7. @ood and =rinAs I0it( soundJ & En%lis( 8an%ua%e
(ttps<DD000.youtube.comD0atc(BvEbCJFsC;+G7E. 23,2

!tros %ecursos
#tros estudiantes.
8os pro%ramas de 5ntelK Educacin son ;inanciados por la @undacin 5ntel y la Corporacin 5ntel.
=erec(os reservados 12334" Corporacin 5ntel. 6odos los derec(os reservados. 5ntel" el lo%o de 5ntel" la iniciativa de 5ntel Educacin y el
#ro%rama 5ntel Educar son marcas re%istradas de 5ntel Corporation o de sus subsidiarias en los Estados !nidos y otros pa*ses. L$tros nombres
y marcas pueden ser reclamadas como la propiedad de terceras partes.
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