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The Yield Curve > Home Ifyou were to potthe diferent bond matures and elds on * Slasany 2 oraoh you would get whats commen refered ta 25 2 veld cure”. The shape ofthis curve says a let about the economy ~ where tis and where t's headed, Gontte upstart slope: Under “normal crcumstances” the ourve villslope upware, cause lonacerm bands wil pay higher Vols than shorertarm anes. This reflec investor ceridence that the economy will continue ta grow ata “normal ate, and that the usual spread of 3 perent between longterm and short-term bond rates wil hold steady {treat aa ae Sg ‘Steeper than usual: Tis typically ndeates the begining of an ecanomicboam. Long-term investors seek rates higher than the normal 3 percent spread over short-term rates, because ‘they belay rates will o up considerably inthe near tm, Investors in short-term bonds wil beable t invest atte higher rates, and longterm bendholders want the same possi. Us reomiy ld Came Stacy: Septem 1992 Flat: A fla cure, or one that i ight raised inthe mide, pooeapeneanioapeteentie a. /eemystbeneterr