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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please allow me to take a moment to welcome you to

Missouri City Middle School for an exciting school year. My name is
Shehla Sheikh, and I will e your son!s/daughter!s "isual #rts teacher. I
will e teaching $
% &
grade #rt ', ( and ) this school year. Some of
you rememer me from last year, as I *re+iously taught ,
grade #rt '
with this current class of $
grade students. -his is my second year
teaching at MCMS, and it is e+en more s*ecial for me this year as I will
e seeing many familiar faces that were with me as ,
grade students.
-he goal of this class is to hel* my students reach their full creati+e
*otential while ex*loring ma.or works/styles of art, using +arious art
mediums, learning new techni/ues, getting to know great artists, as well
as creating our own master*ieces using the art elements and *rinci*les
of design. 0+ery lesson will address the -exas 0ssential 1nowledge and
Skills for art as outlined y the -exas 0ducation #gency 2-0#3.
I am excited to tell you that we will e dis*laying student work
using the #rtsonia wesite www.artsonia.com. -his site not only dis*lays
student work for friends and family to en.oy, it also o4ers the uni/ue
o**ortunity to order *ersonali5ed *roducts featuring your child!s artistic
creations6 S*eciali5ed calendars, co4ee mugs, t7shirts, and more are
a+ailale for *urchase and a *ortion of the funds comes ack to the
classroom to uy su**lies for more art *ro.ects. 8atch for your online
exhiit in+itations and future emails regarding this *rogram6
In order to encourage communication etween *arents, students,
and myself, I ha+e created a class wesite that contains a great deal of
information relating to my #rt classes. -he address for this site is
www.mcmssheikh.weebly.com. I will make e+ery attem*t to kee* this site
u*dated with im*ortant information relating to our class.
8orking as a team, we can ensure that your child 9nds success in
my classroom. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year teaching
your child to en.oy, self7ex*ress, and a**reciate art. Please don!t
hesitate to contact me if you are e+er in need of my assistance or should
you ha+e any /uestions or concerns relating to your child or my class. I
can e reached at (&'7,):7;<;$ or you can also email me at
#ttached you will 9nd a course outline and su**ly list. Please
com*lete and return the contract *ortion with your student y
8ednesday, #ugust ($, (=':. -hank you6
Shehla Sheikh
#rt ', (, % ) -eacher