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English I / English 9 - HONORS Class SYLLABUS Mrs.

Cavanah 2014-15
MRS. CATHY CAVANAH, Room 109, TCCHS CLASSROOM PHONE: (270) 265-2506, Ext. 5109
EMAIL: cathy.cavanah@todd.kyschools.us PLANNING: 5
pd., 12:10-12:55 pm M-Thur (10:20-10:50 am Early Release Fri.)
Mrs. Cavanahs WEBSITE for calendar, lessons, materials: http://www.todd.kyschools.us/olc/teacher.aspx?s=146
TEXT REMINDERS: Honors students & parents, please subscribe by texting the code message @ccavanah to the phone number 270-228-4695.

TEACHER BIO: *Christian County High graduate, 1985. *Live in Hopkinsville with husband Larry and teen daughters, Rachel and Sarah, (& dog Bentley).
*Bachelors degree in English and Journalism, Murray State University, 1989. *Masters degree in Library Media Education, Western Kentucky University, 1997.
*Early career as staff writer and section editor at the Kentucky New Era newspaper in Hopkinsville. *Began teaching (9
and 11
-grade English and journalism) at
Christian County High in 1994. *Served as Library Media Specialist at North Drive Middle School in Hopkinsville for 11 years. *My desire to work again with high-
school students led me to TCCHS as Library Media Specialist in 2009. *Taught Broadcast Media, Oral Communications, and Humanities classes here before
becoming 9
-grade English teacher in 2013. *Also still serving as TCCHS library media specialist and am available in the library for book checkouts 7:30-7:40 a.m.
and during 6
period daily. ... Its hard to believe Im now teaching the children of some of my former students and am even working with another one of my
former students, assistant principal Mr. Matt Baker. Yes, I officially feel old!

COURSEWORK/UNITS: Required novels provided. Literature & grammar books provided in class only, but may be checked out.
Vocabulary Quizzes: Literary terms, genre definitions, poetic devices, figures of speech, persuasive techniques, drama terms, root words, etc.
Short Stories: Passages/Choices thematic unit Poetry: misc. readings; Epic Poetry: The Odyssey by Homer (if time allows)
Drama: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Class novel study: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (provided)
Independent novel studies (required and provided): The Pearl by John Steinbeck; A Separate Peace by John Knowles
Non-fiction: MLKs I Have a Dream speech; Persuasive advertising; and other selections
Grammar: Parts of speech; parts of a sentence; fragments & run-ons; capitalization; punctuation; usage
Writing: 3.8 Paragraph & 3.5 Essay (narrative and descriptive); characterization; literary analysis; informal journal responses, etc.

1) PENCILS, 2) LOOSELEAF PAPER, and 3) CLASS NOTEBOOK* suitable for adding/organizing paper and handouts throughout year,
Students are expected to keep a class notebook organized ALL YEAR with ALL notes, handouts, old quizzes/tests, etc., to
prepare for the comprehensive end-of-course exam in May. Unannounced notebook grades will be given.
*The notebook can be a small 3-ring binder, a section in a larger multi-class 3-ring binder, OR possibly a class folder with paper brads/clips. Student must be able
to get looseleaf paper out of notebook quickly and easily, without tearing it out, and also able to add section dividers and special handouts that will be provided.
Therefore, easy-open 3-ring binders work best. NO spiral notebooks or other types of bound notebooks!

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES: Verbal warning, conference, up to 3 morning/afternoon detentions, office referrals
1) BE ON TIME to class and with work.
2) BE PREPARED with all materials, ready for class.
3) BE SEATED immediately when tardy bell rings & until the dismissal bell. Dont ask to leave room, except in (occasional) emergency.
4) BE ATTENTIVE AND ENGAGED IN LEARNING with head up off desk at all times, on-task, quiet during instruction & work time. Participate by raising hand.
5) BE RESPECTFUL to teachers, subs, classmates, staff, and others at ALL times without touching others or their belongings.
6) BE APPROPRIATE with language, conversation, behavior, clothing, etc. No spraying cologne or other types of grooming in class.
7) BE OBEDIENT to ALL school and class rules including NO candy, food, drink, cell phone, earbuds, electronic device, etc.

Four mid-term progress reports AND four 9-week report cards are sent home. Parents & students can see grades in Infinite Campus
at any time. Therefore, Mrs. Cavanah typically does NOT contact parents about poor grades. Please keep up with yours.
Infinite Student/Parent Portal: https://central.infinitecampus.kyschools.us/campus/todd.jsp
Log-In: (student 10-digit state ID#) Password = (students first and last initials + 6-digit birthdate ... such as cc020699)
GRADE CATEGORIES AND ASSESSMENTS are based on required standards for English 9 -- to include reading comprehension,
vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and literacy community membership (active participation).
CUMULATIVE POINTS SYSTEM is used (Points Earned, divided by Total Possible Points). Large assessments count more.
MAKE-UP WORK FOR EXCUSED ABSENCES must be completed in the space of time equal to the time missed. (For example, if you had
an excused absence for two days, you have two school days to complete the work missed.) If you previously knew about an assignment,
test, or any assessment due the day you were absent or return, then it is still due the day you return. It is your responsibility to check
Mrs. Cavanahs Makeup Notebook and/or website for assignments missed or collected while you were gone, to ask for handouts, and to
borrow/copy class notes for the day(s) you missed.
UNEXCUSED ABSENCES & SUSPENSIONS will result in a score of O for any assessments missed or work assigned and due during the
suspension/unexcused absence, as explained in the Student Handbook. (Exceptions include the EOC and long-term assignments.)
Remember, students have 3 days to turn in up to 5 parent notes, or doctor note, to the attendance clerk -- or it becomes unexcused. Mrs.
Cavanah goes by what it says in Infinite Campus.)
ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE at the beginning of class on the due date. LATE WORK will NOT be accepted, unless Mrs. Cavanah is
aware of an extreme and/or unavoidable circumstance.
PLAGIARISM and OTHER FORMS OF CHEATING can/will result in a 0% (or very low score) on the
assignment/assessment, a parent contact, and/or detention depending on situation. Office referral given for repeat offender.
EXTRA CREDIT: Up to 25 extra-credit points allowed per nine weeks. Read/analyze Night and/or Monster. Start quote journal. Attend
and analyze play (outside school day). Participate in play. ...Or other project approved by Mrs. Cavanah.

(Keep top portion for first page of student notebook. Cut & return bottom signatures to Mrs. Cavanah as soon as possible.)
___ Ive read Mrs. Cavanahs syllabus & policies for Honors English 9 and understand what is expected for a student to succeed.

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