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BH=Bhumi (land)
G=Gagan (sky)
V=Vayu (air)
A=Agni (fire)
N=Neer (water)

Bhagvan is the sum of five elements.

All these five elements are present on the planet earth. The
quantity of these elements neither depreciates nor increases.
It is only transformed into its various types eg. the quantity
of water remains the same, it is just that we can find it in
different states: solid, liquid and gases. No other planet in
our solar system has these elements. Hence life is not
possible there.

Even, sun has only one element agni (fire). Ultraviolet rays
coming from the sun try to destroy life on earth. The ozone-
layer converts these UV rays which protects human life on
this planet. Even asteroids and meteorites coming from
space when enter into earth’s atmosphere are burnt or
broken into small tiny particles so that life should not get
effected on the surface of earth.

In our solar system life is only possible on planet earth.

Hence, earth is the only bhagvan (god) we have.
We live because THE EARTH LIVES – we would be lost
without the earth.