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Lawsuit Against LVNV and Northland Group By Alabama Consumer March 3, 2012

You got sued by a debt buyer -- you won. But the debt buyer keeps collecting. Either gie up
and accept it or !ight back.
"e suggest !ighting back is nor#ally the best option.
$his is what our client did when she was sued by the debt buyer%debt collector &'(' and she
won her case. But then &'(' hired the rather !a#ous debt collector (orthland )roup to
continue to collect against her.
*he could hae gien up.
+r she could hae begged these debt collectors to !ollow the law -- but then again the ,udge had
already ruled our client didn-t owe the debt so .-# not sure what good telling &'(' and
(orthland )roup would hae done.
*o she could gie up or !ight back.
*he chose to !ight back and ask a ,ury to decide about what &'(' and (orthland )roup hae
done a!ter losing the collection case against her.
You can read about the lawsuit she !iled against &'(' and (orthland )roup here.
.! you hae e/perienced si#ilar conduct by &'(' or (orthland )roup and you lie in 0laba#a,
we would like to hear !ro# you. You can call us at 201-234-2553.
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