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chang95128@gmail.com | http://jchangusability.weebly.com

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Experienced and published Usability Researcher with background in mobile, web, eCommerce, and automotive UI and
speech applications seeking senior role in usability. Led several usability testing efforts -- designing studies, gathering
and analyzing data, writing and presenting research findings both internally and at conferences. Has extensive
experience working in cross-functional areas and track record of managing diverse teams to deliver innovative products
and user experiences.

Relevant Relevant Relevant Relevant Experience Experience Experience Experience

(Jul. 2006 Dec. 2010) Responsible for usability of Volkswagen and Audi navigation products and speech systems in
North American market. Planned, designed, and conducted observational, survey, and diary studies on navigation and
speech systems. Regularly communicated findings to executives in Germany and presented research findings at
conferences internationally.
Developed and established usability testing procedures used at research lab to gain customer feedback.
Created task bank used in observational studies with users.
Worked with business stakeholders to design usability tests to inform business goals and product development.
Managed process of participant recruitment for usability studies. Moderated studies with participants.
Analyzed data and produced video clips, presentations, and reports to showcase findings.
Conducted heuristic evaluations and translated findings into product improvements.
Developed and established competitor benchmarking processes and database of competitor products. Database
was used company-wide on global level. Voted as one of the most valuable company assets from research lab.
Published and presented research findings at usability and automotive conferences internationally.
Regularly communicated with and presented findings to Volkswagen executives in Germany.
Evangelized usability labs goals to rest of company.
Improved usability of Volkswagen navigation system from bottom 10% in JD Power rankings to top 25%.

(Jan. 2011 Apr. 2012) Led initiative to decrease cart abandonment in Sams Club online checkout flow through improved
usability treatments.
Spearheaded redesign of entire Sams Club checkout flow to improve usability of checkout process.
Worked with business partners to determine ROI for usability initiative.
Conducted heuristic analyses of existing checkout flow.
Created competitor benchmarking reports.
Monitored and analyzed daily user comments and suggestions to improve checkout usability.
Gained buy-in from business stakeholders for initiative, regularly communicated results of usability findings and
progress of initiative to executives.
Wrote user stories and worked with Agile team to implement changes to checkout flow.

(Apr. 2012 Apr. 2014) Spearheaded Agile software development practices and conducted user testing at mobile app
Wrote user stories and organized sprint planning for implementation of requirements.
Conducted remote user testing using UserTesting.com website.
Performed observational analysis and implemented improvements to usability of mobile apps.

P PP Publications & Presentations ublications & Presentations ublications & Presentations ublications & Presentations

Usability evaluation of a Volkswagen Group in-vehicle speech system, paper published and presented at
Automotive User Interface conference in Essen, Germany, 2009.
Cultural Differences in Destination Entry, paper for International Conference on Science and Social Research,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010.
Preferences for Methods of Destination Entry, poster presented at Automotive User Interface conference in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2010.
Navigation Companion, a Web Portal for Volkswagen Drivers, poster presented at GROUP 10 conference in
Sanibel Island, Florida, 2010.

Education Education Education Education

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Master of Science, Management Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Engineering (Product Design)
Bachelor of Art, Psychology
Notable Achievements:
Successfully completed 3 degrees in 4.5 years while financing education through 2 part-time jobs and
Graduated with Honors in Psychology, completed thesis on team group dynamics.
Overseas study at Oxford University, United Kingdom.