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Contact Information:
Miss Gerkin Room 109
Work Phone: 303-536-2148
Email: kaylagerkin@re3j.com
Outside Meeting Time: Feel free to meet with me before school, during lunch (by appt only), or after school

*Please note that this syllabus may be changed and adapted as necessary throughout the year. Parents and
students will be notified of any changes beforehand.

Course Description: This course is designed for students who want to begin to develop the skills necessary for
success in college courses. This course offers a balanced focus on composition and literature. We will explore
literature from all over the world and work on analyzing this literature through various techniques. We will
read a variety of genres that include plays/drama, novels, poetry, non-fiction, and short stories.

Prentice Hall Literature (Platinum Level); Write Source
Additional Texts: To Kill A Mockingbird, Latino Literature, A Metamorphosis,
A Separate Peace, Antigone, Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, The Catcher in the

Classroom Expectations:
1. You will be prepared and prompt every day.
2. You will be active participants in class. You can expect to be called
on to answer questions. This is not to catch anyone off guard, it is to create
an environment that is inclusive of all students and their ideas, and I love to
hear your voices!
3. You will use appropriate behavior in class every single day. This includes being polite and respectful to
all students and yourself. I have a zero bullying policy. In my classroom, you will act as if you are an
adult at a job, with respectful demeanor and decorum.

Classroom Procedures:
1. You will arrive promptly, sit in assigned seats, and begin working on the Warm Up activity if there is
one for that day. If there is not a warm activity, you should take your seat and may chat quietly.
a. If you are late to class, I will expect you to receive a pass from the attendance office.
2. You will turn in any homework at the beginning of class each day, unless otherwise specified.
a. You should turn it in within the first five minutes of class every day. I will collect the homework
at this point. Any homework turned in after this time period will be considered late.
b. If the homework is turned in by the end of the class that it was due, you will be marked down
10%. If homework is turned in at the end of the day that it was due, you will be marked down
30%. Any homework turned in the next day will be marked down by 50%.
c. Rule B may not be allowed for every assignment. For example, if we review the assignment in
class, you will only be able to receive 50% on it.
3. YOU are responsible for finding out was you missed while absent!
a. If you are absent, you will have two days per absence to make up the homework.
b. Tests or quizzes will have to be made up during my outside meeting time. Please let me know
when you are coming in.
c. If you know you will be gone for an occasion (e.g. School Event/Sport), you can get assignments
ahead of time if needed.
4. You will wait for the teacher/substitute (if/when there is one) to dismiss you.
a. The bell does not dismiss you.
b. Everyone has to be in their seats before you will be allowed to leave. There will be no loitering
at the doorway.

Classroom Policies
1. Bathroom/Locker/Drink Passes: You will receive five bathroom/hall passes a semester that you are
free to use at will. However, keep in mind that this is one pass per month per semester.
2. No Food or Drink Policy: You will be expected to observe the no food or drink policy for the academic
wings. Water will be allowed in the classroom.
3. Electronic Device Policy: (cell phones, ipod/headphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) All devices are
prohibited during class time unless otherwise specified by the instructor. These items will be
confiscated if used without prior permission. If I confiscate them and it is the first offense, they will
remain with me until the end of the day. If it is the second offense, they will be turned in to the
4. Plagiarism: Any student found copying someone elses work, letting someone copy his or her work,
cheating on a quiz or test, or using someone elses words or ideas without proper citation will receive a
zero on the given assignment.
a. If I see this going on for another class, but taking place in my classroom, I will do one of two
i. I will take each students assignments (the one being copied and the copier) and turn it
in to the teacher.
ii. I will take both assignments and shred them. The students will then have to receive a
new copy of the assignment from their teacher.

Discipline Procedures:
1. Verbal Redirects:
a. 1
Redirect: I will call you out and let you know that what you are doing is inappropriate for
class and ask if you can fix it.
b. 2
Redirect: I will let you know this is your second offense for the period and ask you to tell me
what you can do to fix it.
c. 3
Redirect: You will receive an office referral.

*If there seems to be some recurring behavioral issue,
further actions will be taken. At this point, I will make a call
home to your parents to discuss the matter with them. If
necessary, we may schedule a meeting to discuss more
appropriate preemptive measures.

I understand that we all have difficult days and sometimes
have a hard time focusing. I highly encourage that you come
speak with me and let me know what is going on. I believe
that communication is the key to a successful relationship,
and I am here to help you in any way that I can.

Grading Policy:
Students will be graded on the A-F scale as run by the school. If the schools grading policy changes, the policy
will change for my class as well.
A - 90%-100%
B - 80%-89%
C - 70%-79%
D - 60%-69%
F - 0%-59%

I will be filing all of your written work which I will
keep throughout the year. This will be used at
parent/teacher conferences, and to monitor your
growth in my class. If we are revising an essay and
you need to take the previous paper home with
you, we will work out a solution in class such as
making a copy with my written comments, or
requiring that the first draft be turned in with the

I will allow anyone to retake a test/rewrite an essay if it is failed, as long as the student conferences with
me within FIVE days after the student has received his/her grade.

Supplies Needed:
Composition Notebook: This will be for warm ups, writing prompts, journal entries, brainstorming, and
the research project we will be doing second semester.
Pen and/or Pencil please be sure to have at least one pen that is in blue or black ink;
Binder with Loose Leaf Notebook Paper This should have at least three sections.
*Any other sections are up to the student
The following items are recommended:
o Post its
o Tabs
o Kleenex (extra credit will be given for students who bring in Kleenex)
o Highlighters (3 colors) this is useful when annotating poetry. We may do an exercise in class in
which I am using different colored pens/highlighters. Students can decide how they work best
to determine what would be best to use.

Book Bistro!!!
This is an out-of-class reading requirement. You are required to read 1,000 pages outside of class per
semester. This CANNOT be reading from any other class you are in. It can be anything you want to read
though. You will need to read 500 pages by mid-October, and another 500 pages before you leave for Winter
Break. On the day that you have to have these pages read, we will have a book bistro. All students will get to
come in to class and discuss their readings in assigned groups. Students may bring snacks to share with their

Classroom Website:
We have a classroom website. This will be a place that you can access all assignments and reading
requirements if you are an electronically savvy person. I will have some paper copies made up for students
who do not have a computer at home or do not have internet that runs at a higher speed. If you are one of
these students, please let me know so that I can make preparations for you so that this class runs smoothly. It
is located at gerkinenglish.weebly.com. I will constantly be adding more to this, so dont be worried if there
isnt much up there yet.

Please return this sheet to me with the necessary signatures.

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Class: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Teacher: Miss Gerkin

I am so excited to be starting the year with you! I know we will have a great year! There are some great works
that we will be studying. Any questions or concerns are welcome at all times. My contact information is listed
on page one. This syllabus is also already on our class site.

Please share this information with your parent(s)/guardian(s). Read through the information carefully with
them as I did in class. Both signatures below are needed.

Student Section
I have read and understand the information on this hand-out. I agree to adhere to the policies set forth for the
class and will take responsibility for my conduct. I understand that communication is key and will talk with
Miss Gerkin about any questions or concerns I have regarding anything in this class so that a smooth year can

Student Signature: __________________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

Parent Section:
I have read the information on this hand-out regarding this course and will provide any support necessary to
assure that my son(s)/daughter(s) will succeed both academically and behaviorally.

Yes__________________ No_________________

I understand that cell phones are not to be used during class time. I will leave voice messages for my child that
can be listened to at an appropriate time, or in the case of an emergency, I will contact my child through the
main office. I understand that if my child/children uses/use a cell phone in class, it will be confiscated until the
end of the day or given to administration.

Yes__________________ No_________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________