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Principal: Tangela Williams

Statesville Road is a partial magnet offering an authorized International Baccalaureate Primary
Years program. We emphasize international mindedness and a rigorous curriculum. Our
school focuses on the hearts and minds of our students and addresses social, physical, emo-
tional and cultural needs as well as academic ones.
Contact Info
5833 Millhaven Lane
Charlotte, NC 28269
Phone (980) 343-6815
Fax (980) 343-6794
School website
General Information
Grades: K-5
School Hours: 8:00am-3:00pm

Enrollment 2012-2013
K-5th: 577 students
Magnet program: 142 students

Uniforms: No
Special Features
Emphasis on advanced study skills, including time management, goal setting, advanced re-
search skills, test-taking, note-taking and independent study
Required research assignments and community service
Instructional techniques and strategies to extend depth and breadth of knowledge
Student Services
All schools offer the following services:

Exceptional Children
English as a Second Language
Talent Development
Student Support Services
School Leadership Teams

Before School Enrichment: No
After School Enrichment: Yes
End of Grade Test Scores: (2012-2013)
Percentage scoring a level 2 or higher
Magnet Students: 59.5%
Non-Magnet Students: 45.9%

Magnet Students: 69.6%
Non-Magnet Students: 57.8%

Magnet Students: 83.9%
Non-Magnet Students: 78%
Statesville Road Elementary
International Baccalaureate