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Notes on the Cabbalistic Formula of Tav and its components

There is an object known in Judeo-Christianity called the Tav Cross.

A cross is an intersection of lines or forces.
T corresponds to the element of earth. A material object and analoies of earth are an intersection and
conlomeration of different forces in a form.
A corresponds to nutrition! or the forces that enliven and activate aspects.
" corresponds to the spinal column or a medium throuh which all three bodies #mind! astral! physical$
interact! and throuh which the different levels of centers interact.
An analoy of intersection or of earth in the body are the ple%uses or chakras or enery centers in the
body. These are points at which different nerve bundles! arteries! etc. all intersect and which usually
influence the body in major ways.
Thus! Tav cabbalistically represents the enery center works! esp. alon the spine or on centers which
are means throuh which the different levels interact or affect each other such as endocrine system
#some authors have even stated that the chakras are actually the endocrine lands affected by enery or
astral work$! or the ple%uses.
T corresponds to points of intersection! a spot or thin in which there are various forces and their
processes! the element of earth! a material thin! etc.
" corresponds to the spine! a medium throuh which poles and their meetin place interact! a medium
throuh which the bodies interact! etc.
A corresponds to the fuel or force that has nutritional value or strenthens and enlivens
&ence! the cross or tree or wood on which characters such as Jesus! 'din! 'siris! etc. were crucified
symboli(e the body and the occult practice of enery center work.