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Corrective Reading

Disclosure Statement
Mrs. Johnson

Course Objectives: This course has been specifically designed to increase reading
fluency and comprehension. To attain this goal, I will be using a data proven
program entitled Corrective Reading. The course will be divided into two
blocks. In one block, we will be focusing on reading comprehension, while the
second block will be devoted to writing skills.
Grading Procedures: Points will be awarded on a daily basis for group work,
individual lessons, and homework. Assessments will occur after every ten lessons
to determine mastery of that skill. The results of the assessments will be charted
in each students personal folder. The folder will be shared with parents during
conferences. Bonus points will also be awarded when students do exceptionally
well on a particular lesson. Students will also maintain a writing portfolio.
Assignments: During the Corrective Reading block, assignments will be broken up
into three parts: group work, individual assignments, and homework. The class
will start with a group lesson where everyone is expected to participate. Next,
the students will be given a chance to demonstrate their mastery by completing
an individual assignment in their workbook. Finally, students will be given a
homework assignment for further practice at home. During the second block,
they will work on grammar, short stories, and essay writing. All writing
assignments will be graded according to the 6+1 Writing traits rubric which will be
located on my weebly site, mrsjohnsonreadingisfun.weebly.com.
Necessary Materials: Students need to come to class with pencils and paper.
Workbook assignments are to be done in pencil only. Pens may be used in any
other assignments. Students also need to bring a spiral bound notebook for
journal writing.
Late Work: Because every lesson builds on the one previous, it is very important
for students to complete their work in a timely fashion. I will deduct 10% of the
points for every day the assignment is late. If the student is absent, then he or
she will have an extra day for every day he or she was absent. If the student is
struggling with a particular assignment, then he or she may submit a request in
writing for an extension of the due date. The request must be signed by the
student and a parent. They will need to show that they have attempted or
started the assignment and must attend smart lunch until the assignment is
turned in before I will accept it without deducting points. If the student does not
follow this procedure, then points will still be deducted from the assignment.
Absences and Tardies: Each lesson builds on the previous lesson therefore, it is
imperative that students arrive on time to class and do not miss an excessive
amount of class. Students will not be able to make up missed work completed in
class, but they will be held responsible for their missed homework. The missed
classwork will not be counted toward their grade. If the student has to miss more
than one day of school, please make arrangements to pick up homework
assignments from the office or have a friend or sibling bring it home. All
assignments will be kept in a bin in the back of the room. It is the students
responsibility to check the homework bin for missed work.
The school behavior rubric will be followed for excessive tardiness.
Citizenship: Students will be awarded points based on their participation in class.
All students are expected to participate in group assignments. Citizenship grades
will be recorded on report cards as an O, S, or U.
O= Outstanding
S= Satisfactory
Behavior: (Minor offenses) During class, students will be awarded a check mark
for every time the teacher has to ask the student to follow the rules. If the
student receives three check marks, a written referral will be sent to the office
and the school behavior rubric will be followed.
Behavior (major offenses): Any major offenses committed in my classroom
(putting hands on another student, racist or sexist remarks, threats, etc.) will
result in a removal from the classroom and a phone call home. Consequences will
be determined by the New Haven High School behavior rubric.
Outside Help: Each lesson will be repeated until the student has completed
mastery of the skill. If he or she needs extra help, I will be available during lunch.
Arrangements can be made for after school assistance as well.
Curriculum: Students will be working out of a Corrective Reading Workbook and
will have a homework assignment every night for extra practice. Student will also
be required to write short stories and essays. They will be required to complete
several essays and book reports throughout the year. Assignments will be posted
on my weebly site.