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LCVP Exam Tips

Section Marks Questions Timing

A Audio Visual 30 Ans all 30 mins
B Case Study 30 Ans all 24 mins
C General Qs 100 (25 x 4) Ans 4 from 6 96 mins (24 mins x 4)
160 150 mins (2.5 hours)

Section A: Audio Visual
Shown a 6 minute DVD about a business or community enterprise.
Usually have 8 questions with no choice in this section.
Youll have 3 mins before the DVD to read the questions highlight the key
words so you know what youll be asked.
DVD will be shown 3 times, watch and listen carefully and take notes on the
rough work page.
The second time the DVD will be shown in three parts where youll be given 1
min before each part to read the questions and 2 mins after each part to write
your answers.
The third time youll see the full DVD again, check that your answers are
correct and be sure to explain all your answers fully.

Section B: Case Study
Prepare all your answers for possible questions before hand
Usually 3 questions
Remember to always explain your answers fully and use relevant examples

Section C: General Questions
Answer 4 of 6 questions here
Answer the easiest questions first
Attempt all parts of the 4 questions do not leave blanks
Explain all answers fully look at how many marks each question is worth
Try to use relevant examples from your own experience
Possible Questions might include
o Career Investigation
o Working Life/Jobsearch
o Outside Visit/Visit In BEST OF
o Work Experience LUCK!!!!
o Entrepreneurship
o School Based Enterprise
o Business/Event Planning
o Community Enterprise
Use your portfolio and notes given when studying