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Name : Muhammad Farhan

Class : XI MIA 1

English Page 13-19

A. Choose the best option for each sentence given below :

1. Hey Siti, __________ go start gazing tonight
d. would you like to
2. Sam : Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend?
Carly: I cant, I am low on cash right no. ________ stay at
home and watch TV instead
3. what shall we do today?___________ we go to the library
b. Lets
4. ______ like a cup of coffee?
c. would you
5. ________ the washing, if you like.
c.Ill do
6. Edo : I have a lot of work to finish ; I dont know how I will
Sam : ___________ half of it if you want.
d. I will help you with
7. Carly : I submitted my essay to the teacher few days ago, but
I havent received any response from her.
Edo : _______ go and ask her?
c. why dont you
8. ______ get you a drink ?
c. Can i
9. Aisya : I am so thirsty.
Annie : _______get you something to drink?
d. Can i
10. __________like me to clean your car?
c. would you

B. There are some grammatical errors in the sentences given
below. Circle the mistakes in the sentences, then rewrite the
sentences. If there arent any mistakes, put tick mark next to the
1. lets to go to the sushi of restaurant for lunch.
Lets go to the restaurant of sushi for lunch
2. Shall we do have a meeting on afternoon Saturday?

Shall we do have a meeting on Saturday afternoon?

3.Can I do get you a glass juice of?
Can I do get you a glass of juice?
4. Let me take you home
Let me take you home
5. if you want, Ill car the wash for you
if you want, Ill wash the car for you

6. Shall home we go now?
Shall we go home now?
7. would like you another glass of juice?
Would you like another glass of juice?
8. you should finish you work today.
You should finish your work today.
9. Can I take help you with something?
Can I help you with take something?
10. shall I bring your jacket?
Shall I bring your jacket?

C. Respond to suggestions and offers given below :

1. Can I help you?
2. Why dont you go and get something to eat?
Good idea!
3. Why dont you join us for lunch?
Im sorry, I want to lunch with my family
4. Shall I bring a book to read?
Why not?
5. Why dont we meet at the bookstore tomorrow at 5 pm?
Well, but I have to breakfast first
6. Lets all eat together
Yes, with pleasure
7. Would you like a glass of water?
Yes, thank you
8. Would you like me to do the ironing for you?
Yes, with pleasure
9. I will wash the car, if you like
Thats a good idea!
10. I think we should go and pick your father up from
Good idea!

D. Find examples of suggestions and offer in the story the
enchanted fish

1. Didnt you ask it for anything?
2. What should I have asked for?
3. I am surprised you dont realize what you should have asked
4. What would she have now?
5. Why dont you just go and ask the fish to make me the lord of

E. Complete the transactional conversation based on suggest and
offer given below. The first one is done for you

2. At the Hotel
This conversation is between a concierge at a hotel and a
A: Good evening. Can I help you?
B: Good Evening. Yes, please. I would like a room for the night
A: you can list in lobby
B: next to where the lobby?
A: There in the living room
B: Thanks. Good Night

3. Opinion on movie
This is a conversation between two friends :
A: Lets watch a movie
B : what kind of movie?
A : romantic movie
B : I dont like romantic movies ; lets watch something else
A : how about a action movie?
B : yes, I love action movies. What's the title?
A : transformers 4. Do you like it?
B : yes, I've been waiting for that movie

4. At a store
This conversation is between a store attendant and a customer
A : Hi there, how can I help you?
B : I would like to return this shirt for a refund
A : What is the problem with the shirt?
B : This shirt something is broken in the armpits
A : really? Can I see?
B : yes, sure. You can see this shirt
A: oh.. you are right. sorry, we will give a new shirt

F. Fill in blanks with the words given below:
1. My aunt live in a nice cozy cottage near the river.
2. I have never seen such clear and gaze water.
3. I was surprised at her behavior.
4. He was so frightened when he saw his teacher approaching.
5. Everyone is enchanted by his charm.
6. Lets go and sparkling at stars. It is a beautiful night.
7. He started willingly as he saw the scholl bully coming towards him.
8. She nasty agreed to go with us
9. This is all a dreadful mistake. Please forgive him.
10. My cousins dog is so shivering, it barks all the time

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