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January 2014
TEXTBOOK: Way Aha! 1
"N#T$ THEMES$ TO%#C: "n&t ' (THE D"CK #S #N THE BATH)$ H*u+ an!
,urn&tur$ %r-*+&t&*n+ *. -/a0 1&n2 *n2 un!r3
C4ASS: 5r! D
4E7E4: 89&nnr+2 1
yar *. +tu!y
T#ME: :0 ;&nut+
OBJECT#7ES: By th n! *. th /++*n th -u-&/+ <&// 8 a8/:
1 T* &!nt&.y th r**;+ &n a h*u+
2 T* -/a0 th -&0+ *. .urn&tur &n th r&9ht r**;
5 T* u+ th -r-*+&t&*n+ *. -/a0 1&n2 *n2 un!r3
= %u-&/+ 8**>
= %ra0t&0 8**>
= D7D %/ayr
= 8/a0>8*ar!
= ./a+h0ar!+
= /ttr ;a9nt+
= <*r>+ht+
= ;an&-u/at&?+ 18*@+2 t*y+3
Ant&0&-at! -r*8/;+:
= S*; +tu!nt+ ;ay n*t ./ +/.=0*n.&!nt a8*ut th&r -r*nun0&at&*n an! r.u+
I. Warm up: 1E+t&;at! t&;: : ;&nut+3
T: +0ra;8/ th /ttr+ *. th .&? r**;+ *. th h*u+6 On at a t&; + &.
SS 0an 9u++ <hat r**; &t &+ an! &. thy 0an +-// th; 0*rr0t/y6
SS: Wr&t th na;+ *. th .&? r**;+ *n th 8*ar! 18!r**;2 /&?&n9 r**;2
>&t0hn2 8athr**;2 ha//3
T: a+>+ .&? +tu!nt+ t* 0*; t* th .r*nt *. th 0/a++2 9&? a0h *. th; *n
*. th -&0tur+ *. th r**;+6
SS: -/a0 th -&0tur+ un!r th 0*rr0t na;6
II. Homework
Check-up: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 2 ;&nut+3
T: a+>+ SS t* ra! th h*;<*r> an!$*r t* 9* t* th <h&t8*ar! t* <r&t th
0*rr0t an+<r+
SS: ra! h*;<*r>2 an+<r T+ Au+t&*n+
III. Revising the previous knowledge: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 2 ;&nut+3
T: -*&nt&n9 at th 0hara0tr &n a0h r**; a+>+ (Whr &+ +hB) *r (Whr
&+ hB)
SS: an+<r th Au+t&*n+
IV. Transition to the new lesson: 1E+t&;at! t&;: C ;&nut+3
T: han!+ *ut th <*r>+ht+
SS: an+<r th Au+t&*n+ 1(Whr &+ +h B)$ (Whr &+ hB)3
V. Introducing new language:
A3 4a!=&n: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 7 ;&nut+3
T: &ntr*!u0+ th n< ?*0a8u/ary th -r-*+&t&*n+ *. -/a0 1&n2 *n2 un!r3
SS: -/a0 th ./a+h0ar!+ <&th th -&0+ *. .urn&tur &n th r**;+
B3 E/&0&tat&*n: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 7 ;&nut+3
T: a+>+ SS t* 0*; t* th 8*ar! &n -a&r+ t* a+> an! an+<r Au+t&*n+ a8*ut
th -&0+ *. .urn&tur2 ++ &. SS 0an -r*!u0 th n< /an9ua9 an! !0&!+ <h&0h *.
th +ta9+ t* 9* n@t 1a00urat r-r*!u0t&*n *r &;;!&at 0rat&?&ty36
SS: -r*!u0 th n< /an9ua9 &n -a&r+ 1(Whr &+ thDB)$ )Th D&+ &n
C3 A00urat r-r*!u0t&*n: 1E+t&;at! t&;: : ;&nut+3
T: a+>+ SS t* ta> *ut th&r 8*@+ an! -/a0 th t*y+ &n th 8*@2 *n th 8*@
an! un!r th 8*@
SS: -/a0 th t*y+ an! an+<r th Au+t&*n (Whr &+ th t*yB)
D3 #;;!&at 0rat&?&ty: 1E+t&;at! t&;: E ;&nut+3
T: han!+ *ut th <*r>+ht+ an! a+>+ +tu!nt+ t* .&// th; &n6
SS: .&// &n th <*r>+ht+ 8y an+<r&n9 th Au+t&*n (Whr &+ th
VI. eed!ack: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 4 ;&nut+3
T: -/ay+ th D7D <&th th +*n9
SS: an+<r th Au+t&*n+ &n th +*n9
VII6 "V#$%#TI&'$ H&("W&R) #**I+'("'T: 1E+t&;at! t&;: 2 ;&nut+3
T: +t+ h*;<*r> 1@ 5 -a9 1'2 %ra0t&0 B**>3 an! 9ra!+ +*; +tu!nt+
SS: ta> n*t+ a8*ut th&r h*;<*r>
VII. "',I'+ TH" $"**&': 1E+t&;at! t&;: 1 ;&nut3
T: 9rt+ SS
SS: 9rt th ta0hr2 /a? th 0/a++r**;