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God blessed me one sunny day

He sent me an angel fom so fa a!ay
"o lo#e and $el% me t$oug$ all my !oes
"o gu&de and stand by me !$en I fa'e my foes
"$en one day God 'alled $e ba'(
I m&ssed my angel so I follo!ed $e ta'(s
No! &n $ea#en all safe and sound
I see my angel )y&ng aound
No! &t*s my tun to do a good deed
I*m sent ba'( to eat$ to $el% %eo%le &n need
So !$en l&fe*s lessons ae gett&ng you do!n
Don*t s&t t$ee sul(&ng and !ea&ng a fo!n
S&t ba'( and e)e't all t$e good t&mes you*#e seen
L&(e !edd&ngs + b&t$days and %la'e*s you*#e been
"$&n( yousel#es lu'(y be'ause !e ae st&ll $ee
"o $old t$e memo&es of lo#ed ones so dea