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ram stallion cob buck billy

ewe mare pen doe nanny


A male sheep is called a ram.
A female sheep is called a ewe.
A male horse is a stallion,
and a female horse is a mare.
A cob is a male swan, while a pen is a female.
If you are speaking of a female deer, its a doe, but a male deer is a buck.
A. Complete the chart.
Animal Male Female
deer buck 1._________________
sheep 2._________________ ewe
horse 3._________________ 4._________________
5._________________ billy nanny
6._________________ cob 7._________________
B. Answer the questions.
1. Does a buck or a doe have antlers? ________________
2. Does a billy or a nanny give milk? ________________
3. Does a ram or a ewe have lambs? ________________
NAME _____________________________________________ DATE ____________
Content Words: Animals
You call a female goat a nanny
and a male goat a billy.
240 Vocabulary Words 4th Grade Kids Need to Know Linda Ward Beech, Published by Scholastic Teaching Resources