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ram stallion cob buck billy

ewe mare pen doe nanny

A. Use what you know. Write the best word to complete each sentence.
1. The white ________________ lifted his wings as he came out of the water.
2. In the stable, a brown ________________ put her head over the stall.
3. Once a year a ________________ loses his antlers.
4. We watched as a ________________ led her fawn across the lane.
5. The male sheep, called a ________________ , is larger than the female.
6. Dairy goats give milk, and a ________________ must be milked twice a day.
7. The ________________ raced across the field with his tail and mane flowing.
8. A ________________ gives birth to one or more lambs at a time.
9. The ________________ hissed when we got too near her nest.
10. Like most goats, a ________________ is likely to eat any plant he finds.
B. Read each question. Choose the best answer.
1. Which word also means writing tool? pan pen
2. Which word is a homophone? ewe ever
3. Which word is a homograph? buck luck
4. Whats the antonym of billy? goat nanny
Writing to Lear n
Write a story about a visit to a farm. Use at least three vocabulary
words in your story.
NAME _____________________________________________ DATE ____________
Content Words: Animals
240 Vocabulary Words 4th Grade Kids Need to Know Linda Ward Beech, Published by Scholastic Teaching Resources