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Chemistry Syllabus 2014 - 2015

Instructor: Mr Crown
Phone: 415-749-3600 (ext 3308)
Email: mcrown@gatewayhigh.org
Website: www.crownchemistry.com

Course Description
Chemistry is the study of elements, atoms and molecules: how they react, combine to make new
compounds, and what features determine the physical and chemical properties of elements and
compounds. Since chemistry is the language of science, we have made it a graduation requirement here
at Gateway. It is a very important class and all colleges will look at your grade very closely.

Chemistry is one of the most challenging courses you will take at Gateway. Ask any senior. The
material is complicated, and the pace is fast. I have very high expectations. You must read everything
assigned to you, you must do all the homework, and you must prepare yourself for the exams. Each
class builds upon what you learned in the last class. If you miss a class, or just space out, YOU are
responsible for learning that material. If you dont understand something from class, you must come
to my review/tutorial sessions. You have numerous sources available to help you learn this material: my
lectures, my handouts, the book, and the internet. Your success in this class is entirely dependant on
the amount of effort you put into it.

This class is very different from other classes youve taken. I let you know all the work that needs to
be done by the midterm, and I let you do it at the pace that works for you. There is a deadline, the
midterm, but assignments dont usually have a due date.. I dont lecture much. (I found that students
really werent listening) Instead I ask that you watch videos of lectures, some by me, some by other
teachers, and take notes on them. I find that students prefer to watch/listen to lectures on their
computers at home where they can focus better. If you have questions about the lecture, we meet in
small groups in class and I go over the material with you. Practice problems we do in class together
and emphasis is put on learning how to solve them, rather than getting credit for the right
answer. Labs we do in small groups, but your grade is determined by how well you understand it, not
that you completed it. Test and quizzes are VERY important because they are the only way you can
show me that YOU understand what we are learning.

The honors class will follow most of the same topics as the regular class but with more rigor and
detail. It will also cover some extra topics not covered in the regular class.

Required Materials
Students will need the following materials for this class and are required to bring them everyday:
2 inch, 3-ringed binder. This binder is for this class only! There will be open binder
quizzes to make sure everything is in order!!!
A pencil, paper, and a calculator. There are lots of calculations in chemistry

Grading Policy
The semester grades will be calculated as follows:
o Homework: 20%
o Classwork: 30%
o Tests / Quizzes 30%
o Process: 20%

Each quarter is 42.5% of your semester grade and the final exam is the last 15%.

Classroom Rules and Procedures
Taking my class is a privilege. My main goal is to help you understand this difficult topic. To do this, I
need your cooperation. You need to listen when Im talking, take notes when I tell you too, and pay
attention to what you are doing during a labs.

Students will be expected to abide by the following basic classroom rules:

problem at Gateway. I know it, you know it. Collaboration is encouraged, especially with labs, but
this is a bit like a math classyou must learn how to solve the problems on your own or you wont
be able to do them on the test. General rule: answer it yourself and check your answer with the
key or other students. If your answer is different, ask what they did differently, ask me what I
pointless. I dont give much credit for things that are just practice anyway.

Chill out before you walk in that door. This is a professional learning environmentnot a
playground. Adjust your behavior accordingly. Maintain normal conversational tones in the
classroom. Dont talk loudly, and never yell across the lab at another student. All students must be
able to hear ME at all times.

Disagreeing with others, including me, is permitted as long as it is respectful and constructive. If
you say something disrespectful to someone, and I hear it, I will be required to act accordingly. If
you give me a hard time, I will ask you to leave the room and wait in the hallway until we can have a
private discussion. If we cannot resolve things I will contact a parent and/or Mr Fuller.

Treat the classroom and equipment like it was your own. Be careful and dont break stuff. We dont
have a lot of money and its difficult to get things replaced. Dont write on the tables or you will
get in serious trouble

Now that Ive said all the bad stuff..

Try to bring a positive attitude into the classroom everyday. HeyI know its hard. I have good and
bad days too, and I can be very moody, but I always try. If you are having a bad time, let me know
and Ill try to go easy on you. Truth is tho, we have work to do, and its best to leave the drama at

How to begin class: Enter the room quietly, take your coat and backpack off, take out your chembinder and
get started on the warm up. Cell phones and music players must be turned off and out of site before
entering the room. If your phone rings, I will ask you to turn it off, If it rings again I will take it. If you
text in class, I will take your phone. NO HEADPHONES IN CLASS UNLESS I GIVE PRIOR

How to end class: Make sure the tabletop and the floor around you are clean, clean all of your materials
and put them away..then SIT DOWN. I often give announcements at the end of classlisten for them. You
will not be dismissed until all members of your team are seated at a clean table.

Process of Learning Expectations

Readiness for Learning:

I choose to arrive on time.
I keep my classroom materials organized.
I bring all necessary materials to class.
I keep track of my assignments.

Homework Effort:

My homework reflects my own best effort.
I seek appropriate help when necessary.
I turn in my work on time.
I take responsibility for making up missed work on time.

In-Class Work Habits:

I begin tasks and stay on-task without reminders.
I complete assigned tasks, and my work reflects my own best effort.

Class participation:

I contribute positively to group projects.
I show that Im actively listening in class (Ex.: head up, face forward, take notes).
I contribute positively to class discussions by respectfully listening to and responding
to others, building on others ideas, and respectfully challenging others ideas.


I follow classroom policies.
I treat the learning environment, other students, and adults with respect.
I dont distract other students from learning.
I help my classmates whenever possible.
I dont talk during transition times or interrupt others.
I accept responsibility for my own work and behavior.
I demonstrate self-awareness and honesty.


May I eat in class?
NO. This is a lab that uses some harsh and rather toxic chemicals. Students wipe down the tables after labs are
overand we all know how good a job they do. Food is simply inappropriate. You may bring water to keep you
hydrated as long as it is in a plastic/metal cup with a lid. To go cups are not acceptable.

May I use the bathroom or leave class to go to my locker?
NO and YES. In general, count on using your 7-minute break time between classes for your personal needs. However,
on occasion you may need to use the restroom or visit your locker after class has started. For that occasion you
have five bathroom/locker tickets per semester. Each ticket is good for 10 minutes maximum outside of class. If
you exceed this amount of time, I will charge you a second ticket. These tickets are worth process of learning
points if you dont use them. Please remember, as per Gateway 10/10 policy, you will NOT be able to use the
restroom during the first and last 10 mins of class..EVER.so plan accordingly

Do you accept late work?
NO and YES. This is a self paced class which means you complete the work at your own pace, but all work must be
completed by the deadline of the midterm exam. Occasionally, some work has specific deadlines (lab reports, extra
credit, certain homework assignments) but most of the work you do in this class, you can turn in right up until the
day before the exam. Once you have taken the midterm, it is too late, and your completed work will NOT be
accepted for any credit. You have 5 latework tickets per semester.use them wisely

What if I need to ask questions outside of class?
Email me or call and leave a message. I will get back to you ASAP. There is Chemistry tutoring
Tues/Wed/Thurs after school in the chem lab from 3:45 to 5pm. If your grade drops below a C, your
attendance will be required. Please see me for extra help if needed but NOT during lunchtime. (I GET

What if I am absent?
I will provide you with an overview of all assignments, and the date of the midterm exam, at the beginning of each
unit. You (and I) keep track of your completed assignments as you progress. If you charge ahead, I will cheer you on,
if you fall behind, I will prompt you to pick up the pace, and help you if necessary. Since the class is semi-self-
paced, your absence is not such a big problem. You just pick up where you left off. Always check the google
classroom for your assignments and our daily agenda.

If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, (especially for sports or family trips) plan accordingly. You

What are the grading symbols you use?
ex excused absence and grade will not be reduced
ab unexcused absence and grade will be reduced accordingly
check plus = exceeds standards (B to A+)
check = meets standards (C to B-)
check minus = below standards (C- and below)
numerical grades are self explanatory.

Please have your parents read this form and sign it. Separate
this page from the rest of the syllabus and turn in to the
homework box for a completion grade.

Student Print Name legibly___________________________________________

Student Signature:________________________

Parent Signature:______________________

Best Parent Phone number(s):________________

Parent Email:______________________________

The Flipped Classroom is NOT:

A synonym for online videos. When most people hear
about the flipped class all they think about are the
videos. It is the interaction and the meaningful learning
activities that occur during the face-to-face time that is
most important.

About replacing teachers with videos.

An online course.

Students working without structure.

Students spending the entire class staring at a computer

Students working in isolation.

The Flipped Classroom IS:

A means to INCREASE interaction and personalized
contact time between students and teachers. Your
student will have individual access to the teacher on a
daily basis.

A classroom where the teacher is not the "sage on the
stage", but a personal guide to each student.

A blending of direct instruction with constructivist

A classroom where students who are absent due to
illness or extra-curricular activities such as athletics or
field-trips, don't get left behind.

A class where content is permanently archived for
review or remediation.

A class where all students are engaged in their

A place where all students can get a personalized