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Lesson Plan

Year level(s)_4_______________
Learning area/ACARA focus_Language
(ACELA1493) , (ACELA1495)
Date/Time _22/08/2014 9:55am_ Lesson Focus_Expressing & Developing Ideas_

Background Information
Students have done similar placemat activities before, and will understand what is
required of them.

Teaching/Learning Purpose(s) (written in terms of outcomes):

Understand that the meaning of sentences can be enriched through the use of noun
groups/phrases and verb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases (ACELA1493)

Understand how adverb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases work in different ways to
provide circumstantial details about an activity (ACELA1495)

Students will develop their ability to create complex sentences.

Students will develop their ability to describe a scene from multiple aspects.


Worksheets (placemats) have been provided by the mentor teacher.

42 Murdoch University

Learning Experiences:

1. How will I engage the learners?

Students are to sit on the floor in front of the teachers chair.
I will hold up the placemat with a picture in the middle and begin by asking the
students what they can tell me about the picture.
This will encourage the students to think and explore different aspects of how to
describe the picture and what it might be like to be there.
I will explain the 4 questions they are required to answer, and for each question I will
ask the students leading questions to get them to start thinking about different ways
they could describe the scene (e.g. For Describe the scene I may ask What would
the weather feel like if you were there?, What do you think you might hear if you
were there? etc.

2. Student tasks and activities (what will the students do to achieve the lesson purpose(s)?

The placemat/worksheet has four sections, each with a question.
The students are to work in pairs, sitting opposite each other, using different coloured
pens. When completed each of the 4 boxes around the picture will contain answers
from 2 students, however for this exercise each student need only complete 2 boxes
each, with the remaining questions to be completed at a later date.

Murdoch University 43

3. Conclusion (how do you summarise the learning and relate it to the lesson

The Micro-lesson will conclude when the 20mins allocated for the session is
The students will bring their unfinished placemats to me to be collected, so
that they can be completed at a later date.

Assessment and evaluation: (How do you know the students have achieved the
learning purpose(s). Evaluate your own performance)

I will know if the students have achieved the learning purpose by the answers
they give on their placemats.
If, for example, the answers are given in complex and descriptive sentences,
then it will be evidence that the student has achieved the learning outcomes.
If, on the other hand, the student provides simple one word answers then this
would be evidence that the student may need more help and instruction in this

I will know if my performance for this lesson has been effective if the
students are able to follow the instructions with minimal confusion.

44 Murdoch University