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Bienvenue 4e/5e anne!

Bonjour parents, guardians and students!

Welcome to another year at St. Gabriel Elementary School! I look forward to teaching your child and
sharing in all their learning experiences. We are partners in your childs education members of this years
learning team. What an exciting and busy year it will be!
!rench class is a caring en"ironment where your child can feel comfortable while they speak# read# write#
and participate in !rench. I aim to encourage your child to communicate and interact in !rench with
confidence in a safe and supporti"e en"ironment where he$she de"elops language skills that are
continuously practiced and consolidated.
The Extended French program for Grade 4/5 incudes ! sections"
# $ra %ommunication
# &eading
# 'riting
This (ear, the students )i isten to, read and respond to a variet( of short, simpe texts and
media )or*s+ The( )i earn ho) to express their ideas and opinions on famiiar topics, produce a
variet( of short simpe pieces of )riting, and use appropriate anguage conventions during ora
activities and in their )ritten )or*+
,ocia ,tudies"
Grade 4
-st strand" .eope / Environments# %anada0s .rovinces, Territories, and &egions
1nd strand 2starting in Fe3ruar(4" 5eritage and 6dentit( # Ear( societies##7edieva Times, 8ncient
Grade 5
-st strand" .eope and Environments# The roe of Government and &esponsi3e %iti9enship
1nd strand 2starting in Fe3ruar(4" 5eritage and 6dentit( # First :ations and Europeans in :e)
France and Ear( %anada
E"ery week students will take out a !rench library book with their English teacher %along with an English
book&# and are expected to read the !rench text with a parent or guardian to impro"e on their !rench
language proficiency''pronunciation# comprehension# oral and writing skills.
Se"eral times during the year# your child will bring re"iew sheets containing fre(uently used "ocabulary
or learned concepts in their !rench and Social Studies program. )hey will be asked to study them during
the week specified and the (ui* will be held on the date specified. + students will be gi"en one week
notice to prepare for these which will be indicated in the agenda. +
++Students are encouraged to participate in all class acti"ities# to communicate in !rench as much as
possible and to read ,- minutes of !rench a few nights of the week. I encourage you to read !rench
books with your child# listen to !rench songs# watch !rench mo"ies# "ideos or tele"ision programs with
them each week to help with their language de"elopment and increase their !rench language proficiency.
.e"eloping an interest in !rench early on and learning with your child will instill confidence# appreciation
of the !rench language and a positi"e attitude in learning !rench for the years to come!
Simply reading each week is an important way to support language learning. /icture books with short
paragraphs are great and are especially good for our grade 0s$1s.+++27an( hepfu in*s on m(
cass )e3site, see address 3eo)4;;; Further, the $tta)a .u3ic <i3rar( o=ers a variet( of French
3oo*s as )e as onine resources 2Tum3e3oo*s4 through their )e3site
http"//3i3iootta)ai3rar(+ca/en/main/>nd/do)noad/ho) ?ou ma( aso >nd pent( of hepfu
activities on" )))+F,<5ome)or*Too3ox+ca
%ass 'e3site
I ha"e created a class website as a great tool for you to stay updated on your childs !rench program. I
ha"e many helpful !rench resources %"ocabulary lists# songs# "ideos# online worksheets# online books#
interacti"e games& for you and your child to en2oy. It is a great way to practice and re"iew concepts
learned in class. I encourage "isiting my class website often with your child as it is a "ery useful resource
filled with fun and educational acti"ities# games and "ideos which will ultimately help your child impro"e on
his$her !rench oral# listening# written and reading abilities.
3a"e !un! 4&
.ease visit" )))+me3runi+)ee3(+com
If you ha"e any (uestions# please do not hesitate to contact me by e'mail4 or call me
at the school4 6,7'89,'6,:,. )hank you for your support! I look forward to working with you and your
child this year!
;our partner in education#
<lle. =runi 4&
5epfu in*s"
French activities/games
French 'or*sheets
French Teevision .rograms # $nine
French *ids radio, video cips, artices, activities
French @ideos!-french"-french
French $nine 3oo*s$ategory%
&ead#aong Boo*s
http :/ / / library / asp / english / home+tumblebooks.asp ,will need an account setup-
French Games
French @er3s
3ow can I support my child e"en if I dont speak !rench>
Showing interest in what your child is doing at school and pro"iding encouragement and support is of the
utmost importance. ;our attitude will influence how your child sees him$herself as a learner and# in turn# will
influence success. Success in school is strongly influenced by acti"ities in the home and community which stimulate a
childs imagination and intellect# enhance self'esteem# teach good work habits and pro"ide moti"ation to learn and
succeed as well as pro"ide a good foundation for academic learning. Good de"elopment of oral and listening skills in
your childs first language will be a good foundation for learning a second language. 3ere are some suggestions to
help support your child$children4
,. ?hildren need many opportunities to experience language at home. 3e$she needs to practice expressing his$her
thoughts# ideas and feelings. Sharing your thoughts by @thinking aloudA as you go about completing routine tasks
helps de"elop your childs listening skills as well as exposes your child to new ideas and information.
8. /arents can help by reading with their child in English# "isiting the public library# going on family outings# ensuring
homework is completed# and communicating regularly with the teacher
7. Enroll your child in music lessons. <usic will enhance listening skills and help de"elop the brain areas in"ol"ed in
language and reasoning.
0. ;our child should be free to read for pleasure in !rench or in English and be encouraged to talk about his$her
experiences at school.
1. Encourage your child to read !rench books# watch !rench tele"ision# listen to !rench radio and
6. Expose your child to !rench outside of school through participation in the !rench arts and !rench cultural e"ents
in the community.
9. ?onsider taking a !rench course for adults.
:. Bt any age# watching a )C program together and then discussing it can help to de"elop analytical and debating
D. /laying games of all kinds# at all ages can de"elop hand'eye coordination# obser"ation and reasoning skills# memory#
"ocabulary and math skills.
,-. While a trip to the *oo or museum is a wonderful educational opportunity# your child can learn as much during a
shopping trip. %!rom the !SE )ool=ox Fesource for parents'' link a"ailable on my class website under @3elpful links
G Fesources&
8 fe) Good Tips"
<istening ,pea*ing &eading/'riting
French music 2e+g, %ine Aion,
8nnie 3rocoi, %armen %ampagne,
BacCuot, 8ain e ait, Gregg
.a( 3oard games using the
French version
%hoose a good French 3oo* at the
schoo or pu3ic i3rar(
French radio 2e+g+, -D4+-, &adio#
%anada ED+F, %67F E4+E4
Go to a restaurant or shopping in
Gue3ec 2Gatineau4
'rite a3es for things in the home
2e+g+, une chaise, une porte4
French teevision 2e+g+, &adio#
%anada, TF$, @ra*T@, Ttoon
Ta* )ith a fami( mem3er or a
friend that spea*s French
Ise a French/Engish dictionar(
French 3oo*s on %A Encourage (our chidren to isten
in cass and as* Cuestions )hen
%reate their o)n dictionar( or
create )ord searches )ith the
theme voca3uar(+