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Nat Nah

English 10
5 June 2013
Why Video Games are Beneficial to Society
Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam. Square Enix, Capcom, Nexon, Riot. Sega, Ubisoft,
Namco, Konami. Pokmon, Zelda, Kirby, and Sonic. Megaman, Metroid, Metal Gear, and Mario.
Call of Duty, Manhunt, Mortal Kombat, MadWorld.
Its no doubt that games have become increasingly violent over the years. However, as a
result, video games are often blamed for tragedies such as Sandy Hook. While it may seem
plausible that aggression may stem from exposure violent video games, Dr. Lawrence Kutner
and researcher Cheryl K. Olson say the Secret Service found that only one in eight school
shooters had showed any interest in violent video games. Furthermore, mass shootings also fail
to coincide with the rise of games both chronologically and geographically. In fact, drop in
violent crime began in 1994, the year after Doom - the father of all mindless murder simulators -
hit the market. Its quite clear that video games dont incite violent behavior, and they are more
beneficial to society than some may believe.
Video games can improve reflexes and greater dexterity. According to the Archives of
Surgery Laparoscopic Surgeons, people who played video games were able to operate faster and
with fewer errors. A study conducted using a simulated surgery course determined that surgeons
who played video games could operate about 24% faster and with 32% fewer errors than those
who did not. Additionally, a study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science
found that those who played video games had faster reaction times than those who did not. These
improved reflexes also lead to better and quicker decision-making. Most video games require
fast reactions and split-second decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. I
myself have felt that after playing games, I am able to analyze a situation better and make
quicker decisions. Games require you to infer information from your surroundings and force you
to act accordingly; you must also think about both the short term and long term consequences
and the costs involved in making a choice. Video games give your brain plenty of practice for
making decisions in the real world.
Im sure your parents have often told you that too much TV or computer is going to ruin
your eyesight; I know mine have, too many times. On days when theres no school, I spend the
whole day playing video games. However, Dr. Daphen Maurer of the Visual Development Lab
of Ontario's McMaster University people can improve their vision by playing first-person
shooter games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. These fast-paced games require an extreme
amount of attention and train the visually impaired to view things more sharply.
Another great point of video games is that theyre fun. For children with chronic illnesses,
video games help improve their condition. Kids who played games showed signs of
improvement in resilience, empowerment, and a fighting spirit. Video games can act on
neuronal mechanisms which activate positive emotions, helping children as they face the daily
challenges of their illnesses. Video games also just make you happy. Rick Nauert at
PsychCentral found that people who said they played video games reported higher levels of
happiness and well-being while those who did not play video games reported more negative
emotions and were more likely to be depressed. Playing video games is a great time. Theyre fun.
Shoot some zombies. Climb a tower. Fight a horde of demons. Save the world Just play a