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Conventions of a music video.

There are certain conventions that follow through each video that is under the
indie rock genre
although subtle each
video follows certain
conventions, firstly in
every video the
musician and band
wear clothing that is
seen as smart but has
put their own twist on
the clothing, for
instance this is the
band white lies they
are all wearing
something that can be seen as smart, but yet there is no hint of colour and
they all wear very dark toned down clothes that fit in with their music. The
music videos are also very male centric and do not feature females in an
important role, the lighting is also very similar as lighting plays a key part in
portraying the music and setting the tone for the music video, the lighting is
always very dim and dark to set the tone
but can also become very bright and the
use of white lights helps to give the band
angelic look which can contrast with their
lyrics and their look, the band is also given
a very serious look to help get across the
emotion of the music and to get across how
serious they are about their music, the lead
singer is seen as this rock star image and a
rebel but is unhappy with his life, maybe the writer was unhappy with his life
and his music helps him get out his emotions and feelings.