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Target audience

The target audience for my music video is the age group of 16 to 21

year olds of both genders. The reason why I think the music fits into
this age group is because at this time, your life everything is changing
and life begins to become different. The music also represents this as
it is a change in genre, also its known as alternative and this age
group is all about finding something different and new.

Case study:
This is Kerry Lewis, she is 17 years old and is
attending Cirencester College and doing the
subjects textiles, fine art, world development
and geography her hobbies include slack-lining
and reading, she also likes to search for
alternative bands that fit her taste such as
white lies and George Ezra. This is a perfect example of our target
audience as she hits every box that we would look for in an audience
as she is going through changes in her life and searches for
alternative music in the industry.