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General Area of study-Broad area of study

Tipic of your study-not title or subject area-but problem area

Theory behind the study-i.e generalization about the problem
Reason for the study- i.e why is the study important. Its importance or value to society(not objectives
but intrinsic value)
The hypothesis you are going to use to test what aspects of the theoryconcerning the topic do you
wish to test.
Data (measurable facts) to support hypothesis i.e what data will you collect to support your hypothesis
Possible conclusion conclusion and reasons for such conclusion. i.e what do you expect to discover after
carrying out your study,
Provide a reference section fot the literature you have refered to in this assignment

1. Transport system in Zambia is working against the poor Sata

How many people are allowed inside the taxis in Lusaka?
How much does it cost to hire a taxi in Lusaka?
Is getting around in Lusaka by train or bus difficult?
What public transport is there in Lusaka?
Do I need a special driver's license to drive in Lusaka?
What airlines fly to Lusaka?
What is the airport called in Lusaka?
Can anyone give me very specific instructions on how to get from the Lusaka to Lusaka
city centre?
how do i get from Lusaka to my hotel other than using a taxi?
How many airports are there in Lusaka?
How much does a taxi cost from the airport to Lusaka city?
How to transfer between Lusaka and Lusaka?
Is there a train station at the Lusaka?
Facts on practically all different types of public transport in Zambia among them airlines, airports in
Zambia, bus routes, driving maps and trains in Zambia are published here.
Public participation in the management of constitue
ncy development fund .A
case study of Wajir West Constituency, North Easter
n Kenya

Youth unemployment in Nyimba District, Zambia: a
n examination of its causes
and effects.

The Economic Empowerment of village Women thro
ugh Access to Animal
Draught Power, the case of Mantanatha Draft Power I
nitiative in Monze district,

Business climate in Zambia, A process of dynamic change?

The effects of social networks on e-commerce; With especial reference to consumer buying
behaviour and demand patterns

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Sme financing in zambia