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Tibbets Band Schedule

Remember: Being in Band means you are special! It is your
responsibility to check the schedule and come to lessons on time!
Group A- (Flute 3) Maya E, Paige J, Hailey M, & Jessica W
Group B- (Clarinet 2) Liz G, Xiomara H, Rylee C& Sidney M
Group C- (Saxophone 2) Gianni C, Emma D, Grace I, Tony V & Reaghan S
Group D- (Trumpet 2) Alex A, Hunter K, Dominic W & Nick W
Group E- (French Horns) Marshall G & Grace L
Group F- (Low Brass 2) Katy B, Deuce W, Emma J & Brayden M
Group G (Clarinet 3) Alyssa B, Emily P & Hailey W