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The Commission on Bar Integration

submitted its Report with the earnest
recommendation on the basis of the said Report and the proceedings had in
Administrative Case No. !"

of the Court# and consistent$% with the views and
counse$ received from its &the Commission's( Board of Consu$tants# as we$$ as the
overwhe$ming nationwide sentiment of the )hi$ippine Bench and Bar
that *the+ ,onorab$e *-upreme+ Court ordain the integration of the )hi$ippine Bar
as soon as possib$e through the adoption and promu$gation of an appropriate Court
Ru$e. The petition in Adm. Case No. !" forma$$% pra%s the Court to order the
integration of the )hi$ippine Bar# after due hearing# giving recognition as far as
possib$e and practicab$e to e.isting provincia$ and other $oca$ Bar associations.
/0N the -upreme Court have the power to integrate the )hi$ippine Bar1
Yes. Integration of the Philippine Bar means the officia$ unification of the entire
$aw%er popu$ation of the )hi$ippines. This re2uires membership and financial
support *in reasonab$e amount+ of ever% attorne% as conditions sine qua non to the
practice of $aw and the retention of his name in the Ro$$ of Attorne%s of the
-upreme Court.
The Court is of the view that it ma% integrate the )hi$ippine Bar in the e.ercise of
its power# under Artic$e 3III# -ec. 45 of the Constitution# 6to promu$gate ru$es
concerning p$eading# practice# and procedure in a$$ courts# and the admission to the
practice of $aw.6 Indeed# the power to integrate is an inherent part of the Court's
constitutiona$ authorit% over the Bar. In providing that 6the -upreme Court ma%
adopt ru$es of court to effect the integration of the )hi$ippine Bar#6 Repub$ic Act
"578 neither confers a new power nor restricts the Court's inherent power# but is a
mere $egis$ative dec$aration that the integration of the Bar wi$$ promote pub$ic
interest or# more specifica$$%# wi$$ 6raise the standards of the legal profession,
improve the administration of justice, and enable the Bar to discharge its public
responsibility more effectively.6