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The Mother of Gifts

1. Once there was an old woman with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes.
2. People called her Mother of Gifts. She always helped others.
3. She gave water and breadcrumbs to the birds and food to cats and dogs.
4. She told stories to the children
5. and helped the village people in so many ways.
6. But one day, she didnt go to the villageshe stayed in bed!
7. Everyone in the village wondered what was wrong.
8. All the birds came to the window and sang to her.
9. The cats came and purred, the dogs came rushing to see her.
10. The children brought her bunches of wild flowers.
11. The village people brought her fresh fruits and tasty vegetables.
12. The old lady slowly opened her eyes and smiled at everyone.
13. Good, I see you have learned! Now care for each other.
14. Suddenly, she became a shining bird with silver wings and flew out of
the window.