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Ana Muggo

Babur and Mughal Dynasty Questions

1. Who was the first Mughal Emperor and what was his
complete name & meaning?
Babur. His complete name is Zahir-ud-din Muhammad
Babur. It meant tiger.
2. When did he attain his first power position and at
what age?
He attained his first power position in 1495 at the age of 12.
3. The first emperor defeated which king and where?
He defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in 1529 at Pani Path.
4. Register the birthplace and some physical qualities of
the first emperor.
The birthplace of Babur was Andijan, Mughalistan. He was
very strong. He used to like to swim in rivers. He often used
to hold two soliders in his arms and used to run on hills.
5. He was a descendent of great military conqueror,
what was his name?
He was the descent of Genghis Khan.
6. What were the hobbies of the first Mughal emperor?
Sword fighting, archery, swimming, writing.
7. How was Babur different from Ottoman Emperors?
He was a lot more religious and he did not like women that
8. Who were the enemies of Babur the Mughal emperor?
His enemies were Hindu Rajputs, Afghans of east India, and
Ibrahim Lodhi.
9. By the 16th century, the first emperor was
determined to conquer which regions?
By the 16
century he was determined to conquer India,
Afghan territory, Samarkand, Kabul.
10. The first emperor was succeeded by his eldest son,
what was his name and how did this son survive form
severe childhood illness?
His name was Humayun Babur saved him by praying for
11. What are the monuments built by the first emperor?
The monuments that that were built by him were Kabuli
masjid, Babri masjid, Pani pat mosque, Gardens and
12. What do we know about major successes and
victories of the first emperor in India?
His major successes were, he defeated Lodhi and
established the Mughal Dynasty, first battle of Pani pat,
defeated Maratha Rana sanga, and he defeated eastern
Afghans of Bengal etc. He was also welcomed lots of cultural
activities, poets, and literature.