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Essay about Social Phobia and Heterophobie`s analisys

In my opinion, the biggest social phobia that exists is the racism. Because it is
perceived that there are a insistence on the part of people relate the color black as something
negative. For example, the fact that you already be black means that it is reasonable for a
suspect. If you are a black fat you are ugly lazy. And if you are black and gay are branded as
ridiculous people.
The best way to overcome the phobia social is not only change the way the media
portrays the beauty of society, also join the teaching of tolerance and respect in the homes of
conventional families - especially older people - and in primary schools following the children
since the beginning of the academic life.
It seems impossible, but if there is an attempt on the part of majority shares of the
thinking happens to be remodeled.
I liked the way the movie portrays our society in a reality-averse, as this enables us to
see the viewpoint of the other, imagine if all that happened to us if we left the role of
aggressors / viewers to victims.
The end that was a bit sad, but necessary to understand the gravity that certain actions
cause. As the act of aggression - with words, looks, even physically - perpetuated in a person's
conscious and destabilizes them in point - in the case of the film - to do suicide like Joane did.
Event that does not escape much of what happens today. Many people who fall into
depression because of lack of support tend to take on life itself seen as only solution too pain.
Unfortunately, human and having to go through the process of reflection so that we
can learn a lesson. So the strategy of that short movie was good, because it impacts on all our
senses way of looking right what was propose that be the right - so we can analyze if indeed
we do in our routine, even though unconsciously and right.