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Contemporary animator

The brother Quay:

Identical twins. (born june 17 1947)
Based in England and raised in America.
Influenced by Eastern Europe. (Walerian Borowczyk and Jan
Many animations feature puppets and dolls made from
organic and in-organic.
Their animations are often dark, surround death and atmospheric.
One of their earliest films Nocturna Artificialia (1979)
Their most well-known film Streets of Crocodiles based off the short stories by Bruno
Schulz was given critical acclaim by Terry Gilliam saying One of the top ten best animated
films of all time.
Critical acclaim went further when Jonathan Romney put it in the top ten best films of all
They won the drama award for set design for their animation The Chairs.

Aardman animations:
Founded in 1972 by Peter Lord and David Sproxton
Based Bristol, England.
Their main style is stop-motion clay animation.
They have produced 39 shorts films and 18 TV shows such as morph, Wallace and Gromit
and Shaun the sheep.
They have also created feature-length films such as Flushed away, Wallace and Gromit and
chicken run.
Early in their career they produced shorts for the bbcs show vision on.
Aardmans first feature length film was Chicken run which was co-financed with
Dreamworks. It was released in 2000
Aardman and Dreamworks signed a contract for $250 million that meant Aardman would
create 4 additional films in the estimated next 12 years.
In 2005 a serious fire broke out in the Bristol area where Aardmans studio was based. Many
items were damaged in there warehouse such as past projects, awards etc.
In 2006 however Dreamworks said they would not be extending the contract and was ended
in 2007.
In 2007 Aardman signed and then renewed in 2010 a 3 year contract with Sony Pictures
One of their most recent projects was a kickstarter to crowd fund one minute episodes of

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