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Rizals Secret Mission

Rizals secret mission

(with the blessing of
Paciano)was to observe
keenly the life and
culture, languages and
customs,industries and
commerce, governments
and laws of European
Pacianos letter (an excerpt)
it is said that you will finish the medical
course in Barcelona and not Madrid.To me the
principal purpose of your departure is not to finish
this course but to study other things of greater
usefulness or that to which you are more
inclined.So I think that you ought to study at
Secret Departure for Spain
He used the name Jose Mercado, a cousin from Binan.

May 3, 1882- Rizal departed on board the Spanish steamer
SALVADORA bound for Singapore.

Rizals departure for Spain was kept secret to avoid
detection by the Spanish authorities and the friars. Even his
own parents did not know because he knew they, especially
his mother, would not allow him to go.

Secret departure for Spain
Only his older brother (Paciano),
his uncle (Antonio Rivera father of
Leonor Rivera), his sisters (
Neneng and Lucia), the Valenzuela
Family ( Capitan Juan and
Capitana Sanday and their daughter
Orang), Pedro A. Paterno, his
compadre Mateo Evangelista, and
Ateneo Jesuits fathers and some
intimate friends, including
Chengoy (Jose M. Cecilio).

Donato Lecha- the ship
captain from Asturias,
May 8, 1882- while the
steamer was approaching
Singapore, Rizal saw a
beautiful island.
Fascinated by its scenic
beauty, he remembered
Talim Island with the
Susong Dalaga.

May 9, 1882- the
Salvadora docked at
Singapore. Rizal landed
and registered at HOTEL
DE LA PAZ, and spent
two days on a sightseeing
soiree of the city, which
was a colony of England.

Rizal transferres into another ship Djemnah,a french steamer
which left Singapore for Europe on May 11. it was a larger,
cleaner vessel which carried more passengers. Among these
passengers were British, French, Dutch, Spaniards, Malays,
Siamese, and Filipinos ( Mr. and Mrs. Salazar, Mr. Vicente
Pardo, and Jose Rizal).
May 17- the Djemnah reached Point Galle, a seacoast town in
Southern Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).
The following day the djemnah weighed anchor and resumed
the voyage towards Colombo the capital of Ceylon. After a few
hours of sailing, she reached this city on the same day.

Suez Canal
From Colombo, the
Djemnah continued the voyage
crossing the Indian Ocean to
the Cape of Guardafui, Africa.

At the next stop over- in Aden-
Rizal went ashore to see the
sights. He found the city
hotter than Manila.

First Trip to Suez Canal
From Aden, the Djemnah proceeded to the city of the
of Suez, the Red Sea terminal of the Suez Canal. Upon
arrival at Suez, Rizal disembarked and went
sightseeing, like an ordinary tourist.
It took the Djemnah five days to transverse the Suez
Canal. Rizal was thrilled because it was his first trip
through this canal which was built by Ferdinand de
Lesseps (French diplomat engineer). It was
inaugurated on November 17, 1869. at Fort Said, the
Mediterranean terminal of the Suez canal, Rizal
landed to hear the multi-racial inhabitants speaking a
babel of tongues- Arabic, Egyptian, Greek, French,
Italian, Spanish, etc.

Naples and Marseilles
Rizal Reached Naples on
June 11
He was fascinated with Mt.
Vesuvius, Castle of St.
Telmo,and other historic
Disembarked on Marseilles
on night of June 12
Visited famous Chateu dlf
From alexander dumas The
Count of Monte Cristo
Rizal arrived in Barcelona
by June 16, 1882
Has first impression of
being unfavorable
Later came to like the city
Wrote Amor Patrio in
Barcelona under pen name
Laong-laan which
appeared on Diariong
From Manila to Madrid
By September 15, rizal received information of
widespread of Cholera
Chatty letter of Chengoy reagrding the
unhappiness of Leonor Rivera
May 26, rizal was advised to finish course
Left Barcelona in fall of 1882 and established
himself in Madrid, capital of Spain

Life in Madrid
Enrolled on November 2,1882 in Universidad
Central De Madrid in Madicine and Philosophy in
Studied painting and sculpture Academy of fine arts
of San fernando
Took lessons in french and German and English
Assidously fencing and shooting in the Hall of Saz y
Life in Madrid
Lived frugally and led a spartan life
Stated that only extravagance was investing a
few pesitas for a lottery ticket in every draw
of Madrid Lottery
Attends reunions at the Paterno Brothers
On Saturday evenings,he visited the home of
Pablo Ortega y Rey who lived with his Son
Rafael and Daughter Consuelo

Consuelo Ortega y Perez
Rizal Composed a lovely poem for her on
August 22,1883 with A la Seorita C.O. y P (To
miss C.O. y P.)
Backed out for romance because:
He was still engaged to leonor Rivera
His co-worker on propaganda movement,Eduardo
De Lete was madly in love with her

Romance with
Consuelo Ortega y Rey
In 1882, shortly after his arrival in Madrid, Rizal
joined the Circulo Hispano-Filipino (Hispano-
Philippine Circle), a society of Spaniards and
Upon request of the members of the society, he
wrote a poem entitled Me Piden Versos (They
Asked Me for Verses). In this sad poem, he
poured out the cry of his agonizing heart, as

Rizal as a Lover of Books
Favorite pastime in
Purchased books from
second hand book-

Rizals first summer June
17-august 20,1883
Enamored with Paris with
boulevards and sights
Mistaken as a Japanese by
the Parisians
Quotes Paris Cosliest
Capital in Europe
As a Mason
Rizal was impressed
by the way Spanish
Masons openly and
freely critized the
policies,which could
not be done with the
Philippines that time
Joined Acacia
As a Mason..
Later transferred to La
Solidaridad (Madrid)
Master mason on
November 15,1890
February 15,1892,he
received a diploma as
master mason by Le
Grand Orient de
Has lukewarm role in
Has only masonic
review was on a
Science,Virtue and
Labor delivered on
Lodge Solidaridad
Financial Worries
Harvest of rice and
sugarcane failed
because of locust and
Increased rentals on
A dreadful pest that
killed almost all of the
The Hacienda
manager was enraged
when he was once
refused for a turkey
and increased the
Rizals allowance
were late in arrival or
sometimes they never
Financial Worries
June 24, 1884:
Because he was broke,he was unable to have any
breakfast,attended class at university participated
in contest in Greek Language and won gold medal
In evening of same day,he was able to eat for he
was a guest speaker in a baquet held in honor of
Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo at
Resturant Ingles,Madrid
Salute to Luna and Hidalgo
Evening of June 25,1884:
A Banquet for celebration on double victory of the
Filipino Artist in the National Exposition in Fine
Arts in Madrid-Lunas Spolarium with First Prize
and Hidalgos Christian Virgins exposed to
Student Demonstrations
November 20-22,1884 a
riot was held by the
students of Central
the address of Dr. Miguel
Morayta, a professor of
history caused his
dismissal which led to a
violent demonstrations
Student Demonstration
November 20,1884:
viva Morayta! Down
with Bishops!
November 21,1884:
down with Creus!
newly appointed rector
Chaos ensued
November 22,1884:
Police occupied the
Rizal had to go under
He swore never to return
to the university
Until their satisfaction and
the old rector was
Student Demonstration
Becomes a sensational controversy,where
papers,except ministry are in the students
favor, a rich banker even gives ten thousand
duros to the ex-rector to bail students and
Studies completed in Spain.
Rizal completed his medical sourse in
He was conferred the degree of Licentiate in
Medicine by University Central de Madrid
on June21, 1884.
Next academic year he studied and passed
all the subjects leading to the degree of
Doctor of the Medicine.

Doctor of Medicine (Not Awarded)

He finished his studies in Philosophy and
Awarded the degree of Licentiate in
Philosophy and Letters on his 24
(June 19,18850 with the rating of excellent.

Rizal Complete his studies in Spain.
He became qualified to be a professor of Humanities in any
Spanish University.
He became a full-fledged physician, qualified to practice
Being a man of high intelligence and foresight, he knew that
with his brown color and Asian racial ancestry no friar-owned
university or college in the Philippines would accept him in its
faculty staff.
He said in his letter to his family written in Madrid,
November 26, 1884: My doctorate is not of very much value
to me . . . because although it is useful to a university
professor, yet I believe they will never appoint me as such in
the College of Santo Tomas. I say the same thing of
philosophy and letters which may serve also for professorship,
but I doubt if the Dominican fathers will grant it to me.