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~Common Core State Standards and Guided Math~

There are two changes that have been made in math class this year.
The first change is the exploration and implementation of the
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics.
Mathematics education is changing and becoming more dynamic.
The expectations of students has increased and they are required to
gain a more conceptual understanding of math in order to show
proficiency in skills. As a staff, we have engaged in various
professional development sessions throughout the year in order to
increase our understanding of the CCSS and to help prepare us for
these new shifts in math. Recognizing the need for instructional
change, the fifth grade team has made the decision to use the
CCSS to guide math instruction, and to evaluate student progress,
this school year. To accommodate the teaching of CCSS, grade
reporting will look different than it has in the past. Your childs math
grades will not be posted on PowerSchool, but will rather be
reported on a new report card that is aligned with the CCSS.

In order to support the changes in curriculum, we have spent a great
deal of time rethinking our current instructional practices and
methods of assessment. The second change is the implementation
of a guided math model. Guided math is a framework for
mathematics instruction. This framework provides an environment
that supports learning, fosters mathematical thinking and
understanding, and meets the needs of all students. This approach
to math follows the same philosophies used with effective methods
we use for teaching literacy, guided reading and writing. Guided
math incorporates daily problem solving paired with oral
presentation of ideas, small group instruction, hands-on learning
materials, collaborative work, technology, and individual
teacher/student conferences. The guided math workshop engages
all learners and provides increased opportunities for the students to
connect mathematics to their own lives.
Please contact me with any questions/ concerns you may have
regarding this process. We realize this is a lot of change, and that,
like with anything new, there is a learning curve involved. I would like
you to know that the students have responded extremely well to
these changes thus far. I thought it would be neat to share some of
what is taking place within our classroom. Below you will find photos
of them in action!
Jill Robinson