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People vs Tulin

On March 2, 1991, M/T Tabangao, a cargo vessel owned by the PNOC Shipping and Transport
Corporation, was seized by a group of seven heavily-armed men led by Emilio Changco, with Cecilio
Tulin, Loyola, and Infante. After the seizure of the vessel and the employment of violence and
intimidation to the crew, they directed the vessel to go to Singapore, were the cargo was disposed of
and thereafter returned to the Philippines on April 10, 1991, in violation of PD no. 532(Piracy in
Philippine Waters).
WON the Philippine courts have jurisdiction over the crime committed
The Court ruled that the crime committed can be tried in the Philippine courts. PD No. 532 provides that
the seizure and attack of vessels and its cargo should be committed within the Philippine Waters,
however, the disposition of the vessel and its cargo, which is still deemed part of the crime need not to
happen inside the Philippine waters. According to the facts of this case, the actual seizure and attack
happened within the Philippine Territory and this is sufficient enough for the court to have jurisdiction
over the said crime, despite the disposal of its cargo on a different territory.