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Fight and slay the non-Muslims wherever ye fnd them and seize them,

beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); unless they
reent !urah "#$
%&o not ta'e the (ews and )hristians as friends% *oran $#$+
%*ill the unbelievers wherever you fnd them, *oran -#+"+
Ma'e war on the infdels living in your neighborhood, *oran "#+-.
/hen oortunity arises, 'ill the infdels wherever you 0at0h them, *oran "#$
1ny religion other than 2slam is not a00etable, *oran .#3$
4he (ews and the )hristians are erverts; fght them,,,, *oran "#.5
Maim and 0ru0ify the infdels if they 0riti0ize 2slam *oran $#..
6unish the unbelievers with garments of fre, hoo'ed iron rods, boiling water;
melt their s'in and bellies, *oran --#+"
4he unbelievers are stuid; urge the Muslims to fght them, *oran 3#7$
Muslims must not ta'e the infdels as friends, *oran .#-3
4errorize and behead those who believe in s0ritures other than the 8ur9an,
*oran 3#+-
Muslims must muster all weaons to terrorize the infdels, *oran 3#75