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Slays the occasional monster, king of the Geats
Geatland, Sweeden http://www.theman.com
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William Shakespeare
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar 3m
Throwing the grandest of celebrations in my beautiful
mead hall, Heorot.
Grendel @Hismotherslittleboy 2d
@KingHrothgar Your royal noise irks me, retaliation shall
be swift. #slaughterinyoursleep
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar 2d
Lost many good men from @Hismotherslittleboy and his
reign of terror. In need of assistance. #pleasehelp
Retweeted by Unferth
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar 1w
Ten long years of terror, waiting on a saviour from God
Beowulf @therealbeowulf 1w
@KingHrothgar Heard the tale of your monster, on my
way to display my superiority
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar
Followed by Heorot and others
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
Followed by Blackfriars and others
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@KingHrothgar About to land in your land, get ready to be
rid of your monster problem
Wulgar @Wulffangfist
@therealbeowulf Nice to meet you, go grace the king
with your presence
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
About to meet the great king @KingHrothgar. Must
show him my confidence and ability
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar
@therealbeowulf honored to meet such a legendary
man, but batlling @Hismotherslittleboy without the aid of
a weapon is madness
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
Preparing to battle the monster haunting Heorot,
nighty night #surprisegrendel
Grendel @Hismotherslittleboy
@therealbeowulf @KingHrothgar Looks like an
elegant celebration, may I attend?
Grendel @Hismotherslittleboy
One warrior down, a few more to go. This slaughter
will be the easiest one yet.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@Hismotherslittleboy SURPRISE
Grendel @Hismotherslittleboy
It appears that I am at a loss of arms, it seems
@therealbeowulf is the superior fighter.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@KingHrothgar Say goodbye to your monster problem,
the deed is done. #thegreatest
Grendels Mother @MamaG
Those who have led to the death of my son shall pay
with their own losses
Grendels Mother @MamaG
@KingHrothgar I do hope that you wont be missing
your dearest companion, for he made a most delicious
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar
@MamaG Although I may be devastated by the
travesty you committed, this shall not go unpunished.
@therealbeowulf our lands are once again in danger,
please assist
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@KingHrothgar I will aide thee, simply show me the
way to her lair.
Hrothgar @KingHrothgar
@therealbeowulf At the bottom of the lake she awaits.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@MamaG How deep into this lake is your lair. Serouisly
Grendels Mother @MamaG
@therealbeowulf nice of you to join me, lets see if you have
as much luck as you did against my son.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@MamaG My sword may be useless, but my chain mail shirt
is not. Lets see how this random sword does.
Grendels Mother @MamaG
How ironic, my life is ended by some random sword I own
Retweeted by Beowulf
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@MamaG Great battle, but the best succeeded.
@Hismotherslittleboy seems like your head would be a
good prize #slice
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
It seems that my land is threatened, so as king this
dragon is my responsibility.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
My people, I will battle this dragon by myself and save
this land as I have done before, for I am the greatest.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
This dragon seems to have the upper hand, but glad
that my FAITHFUL soldiers are here to back me up.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
@therealbeowulf With you to the end my lord, just like
I always promised
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@Wiggylaf Thank you my friend, now lets end this
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
@therealbeowulf We have succeeded in our task, but
it does not seem like you are fairing so well.
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
@Wiggylaf I have died the warriors death and am content,
but allow my eyes to view the treasure of our deeds.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
@therealbeowulf Awake my lord, I have returned
Beowulf @therealbeowulf
I thank the lord for these spoils and my actions.
@Wiggylaf I place you in charge of my people, you are a
true warrior, lead them to prosper.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
The greatest king has passed on. God bless his soul.
You pitful excuses for wariiors should be ashamed.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
A tower has been finished in the name of@therealbeowulf,
strong and tall so sailors all around to see.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
Ten days of work, and sealed the honorable ashes of
@therealbeowulf in these walls
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
The treasures of our last battle shall lay where they were
found, and never be moved.
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
In your honor, 12 of our bravest Geats shall ride around
the tower, telling of the greatness that is @therealbeowulf
Wiglaf @Wiggylaf
Sing all praise to the greatest king of his time and any
other, Beowulf