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Browns Expectations for Computer Science

Welcome to Computer Science! We will be learning the basics of computer programming by using programs
designed by code.org. Even parents can get in on the action by going to the website and signing up for their own

Please note, students will need to use the web address and code that I give them in class so I can track their
progress for their grade.

General Computer Expectations:

1. Only use the computer assigned to you. If there is a problem with your computer, let Ms. Brown know
immediately and she will either fix the issue or assign you a new computer for the day. Do not just grab
another computer.
2. Only touch the computer assigned to you. There may be times when a classmate asks for help with
something, and if you have permission from that person you may help him/her.
3. Food and drink go on a separate table from computers. (Since this class is first period, sometimes you may
need to eat breakfast in class. This is fine. Finish and then get your computer.)
4. Be gentle with computers and carry them with care. Two hands or propped on the hip like a binder.
5. Horseplay has no place in the classroom, and especially when laptops are present.
6. Only use the approved sites or programs. In this class, 99% of the time that will be code.org


If you fail to meet one of these expectations, the consequences are as follows:
1. First time: Lose computer access and participation points for one day.
2. Second time: Lose computer access and participation points for two days. Parent/Guardian will be
3. Third time and beyond: Lose computer access and participation points for three days. Referral to
office. May result in school-wide loss of computer access for a determined period. Parent/Guardian
will be contacted.


http://learn.code.org/sections/SQIWQM or http://learn.code.org/sections/DVHOKT
Students will need their secret words that they got from me in class in order to access the section and get credit.


Each day, students earn participation points for working on that days project. Students can lose points by
not following directions or choosing not to participate.
Students will earn Unit Completion points for each project they complete. 100% = 5, 90% = 4, 80% = 3,
70% = 2, 60% = 1 59% or less = 0
Students may work on assignments outside of class if they want to, but academic homework should be
completed first.

I have read and understand the Expectations and Consequences

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