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Premature ejaculation and Unani Treatment BY Dr Izharul Hasan

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or

his partner would like him to. Premature ejaculation is also known as rapid
ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, or early ejaculation. Defined as ejaculating
before either partner achieves satisfaction, premature ejaculation is one of the most
common complaints affecting most men from time to time. It often occurs early in
relationships when seual ecitement, some aniety and over stimulation are common
features. It is also more common in younger men who are finding out about seual
activity and seual relationships and men of all ages after a long period without se.
Premature ejaculation is rarely caused by any underlying disease, structural or physical
!o maimise the benefits of medications and behavioural techni"ues in the management
of premature ejaculation it is important to have a comprehensive approach to the
problem,# thorough seual history and assessment of general health and other seual
problems (if any) are very important. #ssessing (performance) aniety, guilt (associated
with masturbation in many $outh%#sian men), stress and worry are integral to the optimal
management of P&. 'hen a seual problem is managed inappropriately or sub%optimally,
it is very likely that the condition will subside immediately but re%emerge after a while.
'hen this cycle continues, it strongly reinforces failure that eventually make clients not
to access any help and suffer it all their life. $o, it is important to get a thorough
assessment from professionals and therapists who are "ualified to manage seual
problems. Internet%based information is good for gaining knowledge about seual
functioning and seual problem but not for self%diagnosis and(or self management.
Self Distraction to prevent premature ejaculation
If your arousal levels are getting too high and a clima is beginning, take a deep breath
and think about something else, something very boring if possible. 'hen you are less
aroused but maintaining an erection you can then continue.
Stop and Start Method for premature ejaculation
If you find yourself nearing clima withdraw your penis from your partner and allow
yourself to rela enough to prevent ejaculation. )y starting and stopping seual
stimulation you can learn to prolong the se act.
Squeeze Methods can help prevent premature ejaculation
!his method involves either the man or his partner s"uee*ing (fairly firmly) the end or
the tip of the penis for +, to -, seconds when ejaculation is imminent, withholding
stimulation for about ., seconds, then continuing stimulation. !his can be repeated until
ejaculation is desired. !he stop and start method can be used with the s"uee*e method as
Desensitizing Creams for premature ejaculation
/reams can be used to desensiti*e the end of the penis. !hey act like a local or tropical
anesthetic. !hicker condoms (or two condoms) can also desensiti*e by decreasing
sensitivity and therefore stimulation, thus prolonging the seual act.
More Foreplay prevents premature ejaculation
$timulate your partner to a state of high arousal before you have your genitals touched,
that way ejaculation and orgasm can be achieved about the same time.
Unani Treatment:
+. 0harkhusk +, gm mi in +, ml honey and use along with cow milk.
-. Post bekh satyanasi , make powder and use . gm along with cow milk.
.. !ukhm tamarhindi biryan and make powder, use this 1 gm powder along with
cow milk.
2. 0ushta "al3ai 1,, mg
1. 4ajoon #arad khurma or 4ajoon 4ugalli* mani or 4ajoon Piya* +, gm along
with cow milk before beakfast for ., days.
5. 0ushta mushalas -1, mg allong with 6aboob 0abeer 1 gm twice daily for .,
7. 8abbe 4umsik + in numb twice a day.
9. 8abbe :ishat
;. )arg pilas, $atavar, 0hasta anb, Post bekh kharni, )ekh $imbhal, post injeer,
Phali babool, $aitan each +, gm, prepare powder and mi along with e"ual
"uantity of safaid nabat, use this formulation at a dose of 5 gm twice daily.
+,. )eejband 1, gm, #a"ar"arha +, gm and !ukhm sambhaloo -, gm. 4ake powder
and use 1 gm twice day along with hot milk.
#rticle $ource< http<((www.articlesbase.com(alternative%medicine%articles(premature%
/ontact with me for further consultation
Email: hdrkashif=gmail.com
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6abels< 4en 8ealth
Anonymous+2 4arch -,+- ,1<.5
i was suffering from premature ejaculation, i pickup this formulation and use, now
i am fitfor..thankyou dr i*har....
Anonymous+2 4arch -,+- ,1<2+
4yself Aajesh, -5 years married + year ago, was suffering seual weakness, i try
this unani herbal formulation that was posted by Dr I*harul 8asan, :IB4. and
within - weeks i get satisfactory relief...i am appreciate to Dr I*harul 8asan and
many many thanks..
Anonymous+2 4arch -,+- ,1<22
$ir i search 8abbe 4umsik everywhere, please inform me, from where i can this
medicineC i will be very thankful to you.
Anonymous; 4ay -,+- -.<+5
you can purchase these pills easily from any of 8#4D#AD 4edical
store(A&D agencies etc
!"#$F +2 4arch -,+- -+<-2
!hank you everyone for your comments.
Dear Aussel 8abbe 4umsik is a herbal tablet to increase stamina and retentive
power. It also reduces hypersensitivity of seual glands.
I:DI/#!IE:$ < Depressed libido, lack of vitality, poor erectile power and
premature ejaculation.
Different comapnies make these tablets with different brand names and different
Fou can get these tablets from any herbal medical shop or from any herbalist.
Anonymous; 4ay -,+- -.<-+
$ir, I am 0asif from :ew Delhi, i am taking 8abbe 4umsik last ., days, and now
i have get satisfactory relief in Premature ejaculation, now in near about -, mints
i ejaculate, please help me till i should continue habbe mumsik or should stop.
Afsar9 4ay -,+. +;<-1
4r. 0asif did you use all the medicines mentioned or only 8abbe 4umsik.
I want to take it. pls , advise me.
!"#$F -5 4ay -,+- +,<25
)rother -, minutes erection is very good for anyone but I think you should take it
for net - months for more better results.
Anonymous-, Gune -,+- +1<.2
Dear 0ashif,
I am suffering from pramture ejaculation and I ejaculate in less than a minute.
could you advise me the permanent for this.
/an I use 8abbe 4umsikC if yes then how long I need to use it.
I am in India, do let me know the brand as well.
awaiting your reply.
!"#$F 5 Guly -,+- --<-+
!hanks everyone for liking my blog and dear friends please keep on
sharing healthy stuff and eperiences with all of us.
4r. #nonymous<
I dont know whether you are married or single also i have no idea about
your age. well i am giving you some advices
+. sleep early and wake up early in the morning.
-. do some eercise daily.
.. drink plenty of water daily.
2. sleep well 9 hours daily.
1. drink pomegranate juice daily, if available.
5. eat mi vegetable salad with lunch, dinner, Fou can add some fruits as
well in salad i.e apple, melon in
7. Drink milk (half boiled) night time + or - hours after dinner.
9. Do seual intercourse after atleast - hours of dinner.
;. Hitamin #, /, &, ), Iinc, $ilenium, Iron are good for you. if you want
to take these vit, take it after lunch.
+,. Fou can also use habbe mumsik of any famous brank in your country
for - months.
Anonymous9 Guly -,+- +.<1+
Dear 4r I*har, please advise me as i am -9 yr old and i have pre mature
ejaculation problem, plus the li"uid is very thin, and my seual timing is less than
,+ min, i am still single and worried about my health, please advise, as i am
planning to get married in near future. steps given above i am implementing also i
am afraid of using medicines as i heard most of the medicines has side effects.
please reply in detail, $hall be v thankfull to you.
!"#$F +, Guly -,+- ,1<-+
:et time i want to see your name as well.ok. Dont be afraid. !his
#@A#ID will make you weak. Dont consider yourself a patient of pre.eja.
It is natural process. !hin water is just a lubricant, that lubricate penis
when ecited with seual feelings. It happens with almost everyone.
!here is a huge difference in feelings when you se with wife and se with
a girl friend. $e with wife is legal and one can do without any @&#A,
while masturbation or se with girl friend is considered illegal in our
culture and religion as these things are not allowed, so if someone commit
such kind of things, he(she would be full of @&#A, @&#A to caught and
this @&#A makes a man(women weak.
you are saying your timing is + min, while this is not the correct seual int.
timing, it is just your idea, when you get married you will see that
gradually your timing will increase.
just concentrate on your diet (milk,meat,fish,chicken,fruits), milk shake,
daily eercise and if you want then you can take multivitamin tablets +
tablet in the day time after meal. Dont take steroids. but 4ultivitamins
have less side effects, take herbal medicines, a glass of Pomegranate juice
daily could boost your se drive, *inc can increase testosterone, Hitamin /
is essential to boost testosterone. Hitamin #, & J )5 are also essential.
#HEID watching porn movies, stop masterbation, stop making girl
friends, stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop eating junk food i.e
pakoray% achaar (pickle), dont eat sour items, these will make your semen
fluid thin.
If you will follow above mentioned steps then with in 5 months you will
feel yourself stronger than before and your semen fluid will be thick.
8(Dr. 0ashif
%aveed Shehzad -. #ugust -,+- +7<-7
Dear Dr $b,
!hat3s "uite a positive reply. !oday i logged in after a month and i am very much
satisfied and in confidence with your reply. !hank you very much for this
confidence.)ut what i feel because in the past i had done too much masterbation
and also i was having K@s, so due to that negligence i feel the erection is not that
much which it used to be and also it last very few minutes. Please also advise
about this is this a serious matter, #lso how can i meet you, i mean please share
your contact no. with me if you can,
I am now a days working on my diet and also doing regular eercise plus
avoiding my K@s too <%), i shall be keep in touch with you as in :ov i will get
married Insha#66#8,
'ill now fre"uency log in to and waiting for your advise,
!"#$F -; #ugust -,+- --<.2
Dear :aveed,
it is a good news that you are going to marry in nov Insh#66#8, thats a
real remedy of all of your problems.
for the erection you can take a glass of pomegranate juice (anaar ka juice)
daily, it will increase erection power and will make new blood.
due to too much masterbtation our semen becomes thin, so after leaving
masterbation, gradually it start getting strong and thick, sperm count and
its "uality will also increase gradually that is essential for child birth.
I am not in Pakistan, so cant meet you and cant give you my mobile
number. sorry for this. 'hen i get some free time i check my blog to write
new post or to reply people.
take care.
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<1+
:aveed for any other help just add me on skype
$kype ID< hdrkashif
&ravis mann 5 December -,+- -+<1.
Kreat blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.
Aelationships by Patrol 4ovie
'leanor (eterson 7 December -,+- ,-<.5
Kreat job you people are doing with this website. Aelationship !ips by )rann
%aveed Shehzad 9 December -,+- ,1<.2
8ello Dr, I hope you are fine.
Dr sb as in my previous posts i told you i feel weak in se, now after getting
married i have reali*ed that i am facing the problem of erectile dysfunction, as i
cant maintain erection longer as well as to enjoy proper seual time, please help
me in this regard. I am really worried about it.
!hanks J Aegards,
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<2+
ap muje skype ya google talk mai add karo
skype< hdrkashif
gtalk< hdrkashif
will talk to you in detail
aur bi kisi nay add karna ho to kar sakta hai...
Anonymous+. December -,+- ,+<-5
8ello Doctor,
8ope you are doing good.I have been taking habbe nishat and habbe mumsik
before intercourse for some time now,it works great but i feel a rush of blood in
the head that worries me,could u tell me the side effects of these medicines and
should i continue or notC
!"#$F -9 Guly -,+. -.<.9
use medicine for + month only and drink milk.
you may contact with me through email.
Fran) *e+er -; December -,+- ,+<19
8ey great stuff nice info your passing on
Hisit !D $cap
paul mar) +7 Ganuary -,+. ,,<22
Kreat post regarding unani treatment to premature ejaculation . I would like to
know Do3s J Dont3s for premature ejaculation unani medication.
Anonymous-+ Ganuary -,+. ,,<,5
assalam alaikum.
I hope yor are fine sir.. $ir main premature edjaculation se preshan hoon..i am
marreid shadi ke do saal ho gaye hain..i am edjaculation within a minute..sir
please mujhe koi meadicine batayee jis se mujhe es preshani se rahat mile.
allah hafi*
paul mar) -- Ganuary -,+. -+<.-
I am really sorry for your condition. #ccording to my search virectin is the
best supplement for your problem.
Ko for reviews
Anonymous-2 Ganuary -,+. ,2<+5
sir...I got marry before + year back...I have thease all problem...please suggest
perfect treatment for my problem....
+% Luick &jaculation within + minute...
-%$eman is not thicker...
.%penis would not be hard during Intercource..
2%Dhaat is getting out when urine paas...
1%urnine pass again n again...
5%timing is very low...
please tell me some medicine for long benifit...m worried...
4A #DI6....
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<27
#dil add me on skype
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
sir)ing -7 Ganuary -,+. --<,,
Four articles support me a lot in all mediums of subjects.8ealthy Aelationship
with HG D4!
Alex ,ones -9 Ganuary -,+. ,-<1,
I beyond doubt appreciate your articles and blogs. 8ealthy Aelationship with
P/8F DA4
Anonymous2 4arch -,+. -.<,9
is there habbe mumsik i pakitan
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<25
add me on skype
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
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I have been gaining a lot of usable and eemplifying stuff in your website.
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Anonymous7 4ay -,+. ,1<,,
$ir i am .2, i have problem of premature ejaculation , i have passed +, years to
my marriage and yet the problem eists. please advise me
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<25
add me on skype
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
Anonymous9 4ay -,+. +9<1,
#ssalam alaikum sir,
I got married +- years ago. I have been premature ejaculation for the last 5 years.
I consulted two three unani doctors and they suggested me medicines but in vain.
I get discharged within + minute as soon as I penetrate. I used to masturbate when
I was +1 years old. It continued from +1 to +9 age. I do much foreplay but no use.
I don3t have psychological problem and maimum try to control myself. Pls,
suggest me. Ga*ak #llah 0hair
Anonymous9 4ay -,+. +;<+;
I got married +- years ago. I have been premature ejaculation for the last 5 years.
I consulted two three unani doctors and they suggested me medicines but in vain.
I get discharged within + minute as soon as I penetrate. I used to masturbate when
I was +1 years old. It continued from +1 to +9 age. I do much foreplay but no use.
I don3t have psychological problem and maimum try to control myself. Pls,
suggest me whether I should take all the medicines mentioned above or any of
them because it is difficult to identify the medicines. Ga*ak #llah 0hair
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<21
add me on skype
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
cure premature ejaculation -; 4ay -,+. -.<+-
!his is really a nice article about the premature ejaculation which help me getting
out of it. Premature ejaculation is the condition when the person ejaculate before
its will.
%atural Male Solutions .+ 4ay -,+. ,9<.+
:atural 4ale $olutions is an easy to follow living program for men3s seual and
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sustained se life. :atural 4ale $olutions is designed for men who are seeking to
increase their seual performance and ability to satisfy their partner. :atural 4ale
$olutions is not a pill.
Anonymous7 Gune -,+. ,5<1,
#$#0, Doctor,
I have problem of premature ejaculation from long even before marriage, this was
due to wrong habbits I had developed at the age of +1 to -,.
!he si*e and strength of penis is also not good.
#fter my marriage at the age of .- years the condition improved.
)ut since last one year my ejaculation is not proper, most of the time it is
Please suggest me medicine to come out with this problem.
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<22
add me on skype
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
!"#$F +9 Gune -,+. ,7<2.
guy add me on skype
$kype< hdrkashif
I will answer you in detail.
sab add kar lo muje, inshaa#llah achi medicine btaonga ap sb ko...
8(Dr. 0ashif
complete sizegurus site here -+ Gune -,+. ,+<2-
Fou must include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut out junk food
from your life. Gunk food clogs the arteries and reduces the flow of blood to the
Ket plenty of sun too M studies have proved that Hitamin D can enhance male
testosterone by around 7,N, thereby increasing his se drive.
,hon A+raham -9 Gune -,+. ,-<-,
Dear Doctor $b, I have .+ married having one kid #lhumduillah, i am suffering
from P.&, time out is less than one minute and recently i got erection problem also
i.e, more than 5,N less erection.
0indly prescribe me the medication for the same, with full details, i only want to
cure these disease for the pleasure of #llah, because my partner even if she does
not spoke a word, does not get satisfied and it my duty (obligatory as per sharia3t)
to fulfill her.
Fou prescription will be beneficial for slaves of #llah like who are suffering a lot.
4ay #llah bless you and all of us with !a"wa%i%0amilah.
!"#$F ., Gune -,+. ,7<..
wasalaam brother,
#dd me on skype so we could talk about your problem in more detail and i
could prescribe something beneficial for you.
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
ahmed ., Gune -,+. ,1<2.
#ssalam o alikum ,
im married im -1 years old i have prob of P& timing is less than a minute and
have erection prob not hard enough im really tensed because of this sitution pl*
help me also have constipation problem is it the reason for my P&
!"#$F ., Gune -,+. ,7<.5
ahmed you also add me on $kype so we could talk about your problem in
more detail and i could prescribe something beneficial for you.
masla hal ho jaeyga in%shaa%#llah, don3t worry.
4y $kype Id< hdrkashif
Andy -amirez +1 Guly -,+. ,2<,9
!hanks for sharing your review, this is such an awareness to everyone.
thorough bestmaleenhancement site review
)halid +; Guly -,+. ,9<..
$alam dr i am 2, years old and married since eight years and suffering from
premature ejaculation since marriage. !he reason being ecessive 4asturbation
during teenage time.. I want to get rid of it as i lasts only few seconds only but
don3t know which treatment is good and effective... /an you help me in this
regardCCC 'ill wait for your kind reply....
!"#$F -, Guly -,+. ,,<-9
for further and detailed discussion
mail me at
also you may add me on skype
Mohammed -afiuddin -, Guly -,+. ,+<.-
Dr. I*har,
I am Aafiuddin, .1 years of age have been married for 1 years.
4y problem is I ejaculate within + min or so and I feel very weak after that.
Please advice some medicine to control ejaculation and weakness. I have added
you on skype also.
!"#$F -9 Guly -,+. -.<2,
my email
)halid -, Guly -,+. ,9<.5
#ssalam o alaikum dr. i have mailed you at your provided email.... $o please
guide and help me in this regard.4ay #llah bless you.
*aqas ,aan -1 Guly -,+. ,5<++
#ssalam #laikum sir main -. year ka unmarrid male ho mere sath be premature
ejaculation ka masla hai aur penis buhat weak hai aur donu side ki taraf jhuk jata
hai jab erectile hota hai to aur jaldi discharge be hojata hai pl* Kuide me I a4
worries abot my future
waiting for reply
!"#$F -9 Guly -,+. -.<2+
contact with me through my email