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The Magic Feather and the Peach Thief

1. Once there was a boy who was very poor and thin.
2. He had only a little rice to eat, but he longed for fruit.
3. One day, the boy was so hungry that he stole a peach from a shop.
4. Just then, the Magic Feather came floating by.
5. It flew under his nose and tickled it.
6. Aaachooo! The boy sneezed loudly.
7. The shop owner turned around and saw the peach in the boys hand.
8. He snatched it away. Dont steal my fruit! he shouted.
9. The magic feather floated up and touched the mans hair.
10. He stopped shouting. He looked at the boys old, torn clothes.
11. The boy looked hungry but honest, not really like a thief.
12. Would you like to help me in my shop? The man asked.
13. The boy worked hard. The man paid him and gave him food for his
14. He became happy and healthy and never stole again.