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Kindergarten (Reading/Writing)

Alphabet Letter Introduction

I. Learning Objective
The students will be taught alphabet and sound recognition.
II. Subject matter
A. Topic: Reading: Alphabet Letter Introduction
B. Reference: Fun Fonix (Fun Fonix) phonics worksheets for kindergarten
C. Materials:
a. Note cards, Charts, Paper-cut letters
b. Pencils, Erasers, Paper, Crayons
III. Procedure
A. Motivation
Students will be asked to write the letters of their names by using
their own body movements.
B. Lesson Proper
To introduce letters for phonics practice, Recite the Alphabet
Show the letter that is being discuss, Example: A
Use the flash cards and try to come up with a word that starts in
letter, A in the card that is being shown.
Write the letter in a paper and show the student how it is done.
Read the words repeating the "a" sound several times and then the
given word. Example: "a" "a" "a" "apple"
While you are reading point to the "a" and ask the students: what
sound "a" makes when we read it?
Continue this until the child understand the lesson

C. Generalization:
Recite the Alphabet Letters.
D. Enrichment Activity
ABC Dot-to-Dot
Connect the dots from A-Z.
Color by Alphabet
Use the color key to reveal the construction vehicles

E. Evaluation
Alphabet Practice Sheet
Trace the following letters.
F. Assignment
Draw or cut out pictures of objects that starts from letters A-Z found in
magazines and place them in a one short bond paper. Write first the
Letter before the picture.