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Instructions for Inserting Files and Images

By Drew, Kim, Ian and Matt

-These instructions will help guide through and show options when inserting files and images in
Miscrosoft Word 2013

Process Description
-Inserting an image or file allows you to have a visualization for your document.

-Computer with Microsoft Word 2013 installed on it.
-Image you want to insert (From Internet or computer)
-Files to link to for file insertions

Image Insertion Directions:
1. Open Miscrosoft Word (See Figure 1)

2. Click the area you want to put your image on in your document

3. Click the Insert tab

4. Click the Pictures button if you want a picture saved on your computer (See above image for
a. Click the location where the image is saved on your computer
Figure 1

b. Click the desired image (Highlighted as Website Draft 1 Screenshot.jpg above)
c. Click Insert (Highlighted button in bottom right)

5. Click the Online Pictures button if you want a picture from the Internet (Figure 2)

a. Search for the image you would like in the search bar

b. Click the image you would like
c. Click Insert

Instructions for File Insertions This set of instructions will show you how to put a link into
your document that will open a separate file. You can insert any type of file (examples: Excel
spreadsheets, power point presentations, etc.).

Figure 2

1. Save all linked files in one folder to make sure the files can be easily located by the user.

2. Open Microsoft Word (Figure 3)

3. Open a blank document

Figure 3

4. Click the Insert tab

5. Click Hyperlink

6. Double-click the folder where you file is saved

7. Click the file you want in your document

8. Click OK

9. End Result

a. NOTE: If you wish to have a hyperlink embedded into pre-made text, simply
highlight the text before you begin step 5.


Problem Solution
Image is not where you want it in
Click and drag to desired line. Or for more
options, right click to go to the Wrap
Text option.
Selected image is one you did not mean to
Right click the image and go down to
Change Picture.
Cannot find an image saved on your
Make sure the image is saved in the file
location you are in, or move your location
where the image is saved
Image is not formatted correctly Right click image and go down to Format
Picture. Make changes as you desire.
Tried searching for Internet images and
could not find one I liked.
Search for your desired image on the
Internet. Copy and paste it into the
document. If you wish to use this image
later, save it to your computer.
Picture is too large or small. Click on the image. A border will highlight
around the image. The boxes on the sides
and corners will allow you to stretch (sides)
or expand (corners) the picture.
If you wish to rotate the image, click and
hold the rotate tool on the top of the image.