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Gre nde l At t acks Agai n

Grendels nightly appearance occurred as usual with his visit to

wreak havoc on the infamous mead hall, Herot. Grendel, a demon
descended from Cain makes his nightly stop hoping to feast on the
inhabitants of the hall. King Hrothgar has yet found a solution
to defeat this menace since his greatest warriors failed in their
attempts to defeat him. This twelve year occurrence seems not to be
ending anytime soon since Grendel is no match to the powers of
humans. With no solution, the mead hall is rendered useless.
Anyone who has the means to slay this beast is welcome to try as
many have before. King Hrothgar is open to any ideas as he tries
to restore tranquility to the land of the Danes.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of the
beast Grendel
The Savi or Has Come
After years of waiting, a challenger has presented himself to
take on the menacing beast of Grendel. This noble warrior id
named Beowulf. Beowulf comes from the land of the
Geats, nephew of Higelac. Beowulf is our last hope and
we pray that he will be able to live up to his word and
preform this daunting task. Beowulf plans to wait in Herot
overnight waiting for Grendel to show. There, Beowulf
plans to fight the beast without any weapons. Beowulfs
team of warriors will be there to assist him in this task.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of Beo-
The Be ast i s gone
I am glad to report the death of Grendel has occurred. The
noble warrior, Beowulf, has defeated the beast this past
night. Beowulf managed to do what no one else was able to
do. Beowulf used his bare hands to rib the monsters arm off.
Grendel then ran off in terror, knowing his defeat. It is
known that Grendel later died from the battle. We are so
grateful for the service Beowulf has provided to us. Our
legendary mead hall, Herot, is now open for use. The first
celebration will be that of Beowulfs defeat.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of the he-
roic battle
The Mom Se e ks Re ve nge
Now that one beast is gone, another surfaces. Grendels
mother is furious about the death of her son and is seeking
revenge, threatening the land of the Danes. One of her main
targets is king Hrothgar. Defeating Grendels mother will
be just as difficult has her son. There is only one man for
this job and that is the noble Beowulf. Beowulf plans to go
out and meet this beast at the bottom of the underworld to
eliminate this threat. We patiently hope to see is the noble
Beowulf will save us twice. Stay tuned to the daily
handouts to get the latest information on this battle.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of Gren-
dels Mother
Be owul fs t wo for t wo
I am proud to report that Beowulfs mother has been killed. This
battle between her and the noble Beowulf was not a walk in the
park for Beowulf. Beowulfs crew lost all hope for Beowulf
mid battle when the noticed blood coming to the surface of the
underworld where the battle took place. Luckily, this was
Grendels mothers blood. Beowulf seemed to have fate on his side
as his armor could not be penetrated and the fact that Beowulf
needed a sword that he found to defeat her. Normal weapons
proved useless in this battle. Now that Grendel and his mother
are gone, our services for Beowulf are no longer need. Tomorrow,
Beowulf will be leaving us for his own kingdom.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of Beo-
wulf defeating
Be owul fs Last Bat t le
News has come from the land of the Geats that the noble Beowulf
has died as a result of a battle. If you recall, Beowulf was the
man who defeated Grendel for us 50 years ago. Beowulf was
fighting a dragon when he was wounded. The battle would have
been a total loss if Wiglaf would not have been there to assist
Beowulf in his time of need. The two were able to kill the dragon
but Beowulfs wounds proved to be fatal. The mountain where the
dragon lived will be preserved in Beowulfs honor. Wiglaf will
not take Beowulfs place as king of the Geats.
Herot Headline News Daily Handout
An Artists ren-
dering of Beo-
wulfs Last