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The Island of Danes has a monster living amongst them.

Their Monster, Grendel, has attacked their people, as they were all sound asleep.
They fear he will strike their people again.

The Island of Danes has decided to close the hall due to vast amounts of danger
Grendel has caused in recent events.

It pains Hrothgar for his people to notice that he cannot defeat this monster.

All the Geats have left is to pray to the Almighty God for safety.

I am proclaiming to help the famous king, Hrothgar, conquer the monster, Grendel.

I am aware that Danes is haunted by the deaths of the people that Grendel has

Hrothgar has expressed his gratitude towards me for coming over seas to help his

I have come to be their savior and the Geats are happy to get their island back.

This is the first time the island of Danes opened their hall back up since the attacks

Grendel made an appearance at the hall thinking to conquer us all while we slept.

After Grendel defeated the first man he thought he could defeat me as well, but I
seized him from doing so.

All of my mens swords were incapable of killing Grendel; even the sharpest one
could not puncture him.

My men and I were slowly defeating Grendel.

I am proud to announce that Grendel is dead and our Island can finally be peaceful.

Grendels mother is very dangerous and capable of more things than we think.

Grendels mother has taken Hrothgars closest friend, the only man he loves.

Sorrow has returned to Denmark due to the attacks occurring again.

Hrothgar sent for me to explain the death of his friend and seek revenge.

Grendels mom lives in a terrible home that no one has seen. If I can defeat her, I will
be rewarded.

I have leaped into the lake without waiting for anyones answer and have
discovered the greedy she-wolf.

No sword can slice Grendels mothers evil skin.

I finally got Grendels mother down but she quickly retaliated.

After I had gotten up, I noticed a heavy sword hanging on the walls.

I had struck her with the sword that no ordinary man should have been able to lift.

As King of Danes it is my duty to defeat the dragon and I will proceed to do so.

I have no shame in using a shield in this battle because it will protect me from the
hot fire the dragon spits at me.

My shield has not been holding up as well as I had planned.

Wiglaf, a soldier, had bravely backed me up as I was burning like he had promised to
do if need be.

Wiglaf claims to our almighty that nothing that I ever did caused me to deserve an
ending like this.

As I lay here dying, my thoughts keep racing about the people that I am currently
ruling. I have done everything that I can

I ordered Wiglaf to get the gold from the tower for the Geats.

Wiglaf returned to me with barely enough time before my death. I graciously
handed the crown over to him.

It is sad that after 50 years I will no longer be ruling the Island of Danes because of
the battle with the dragon. I fought as hard as I could.

I have left my people with wealth and knowledge of what a true hero is supposed to

The Geats have proudly built the monument that I asked them to do.

It took the Geats approximately ten days to built the monument.

The treasures they had taken were left in the tower and buried in the sand.

The twelve bravest Geats rode their horses around the tower telling stories of their

My followers cried that no better king had ever lived; no man was so open to his