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Preston Morales

Period 7
Spotlight Speech

Coming out of the blue Corner, a Brazilian jujitsu black belt, 1000 wins 0 losses!
Weighing in at 200 pounds and standing 6ft tall! Out of Kailua Oahu, Cheyne The
Sledge Cluney! Cheyne Cluney in the black trunks, Rampage Jackson in the blue. And
here we go! Seems as if Cluney is just playing around with Jackson, in a way taunting
him. Cluney comes from a background of mixed fighting that allows him to have a
variety of movement and combinations. O and a harsh Kick from Cluney! Rampage
Jackson is stunned by the Hawaiians mana.

Coming from the Hawaiian Islands, Cheyne practices martial arts that are part of
the Hawaiian tradition, known as lua. Only the strongest and one with a royalty bloodline
could commit and learn this lifestyle. Jackson attempts to land combos on Cluney, but is
agility is crazy! With one swift punch like B.J Penn, Jackson could be out cold. Jackson
lands a nice backspin but it appears that Cheyne takes it as if a pillow hit him, not even
affected. Cluney is in a calm stance and O what is this, a gainer kick right to Jackson
skull and it all over folks! Jackson seems to unconscious from the blow. The crowd is
going wild as The Sledge is the next heavy weight champion of the world. Cheyne how
do you feel winning an event that is a big step in our UFC career? Cheyne Cluney:
Cherry Brah